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Accurate reporting increases lead conversions for Carnival Cruise Lines

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Inconsistencies in reporting make sales conversions difficult

Depending on call center agents to create accurate logs of their activities is an unreliable method of reporting. Like many businesses, Carnival Cruise Lines struggled with inconsistencies in reporting. Agent call logging was error prone and irregular.

According to Colleen Oliverio, Director of Strategic Initiatives, “We struggled to capture critical attempt, contact and conversion data making it difficult to maximize sales opportunities.”

Like many other companies, Carnival’s management wanted to understand who agents were calling and how effective they were in their outreach in order to determine improvement strategies; however, sales agents were inconsistent with recording their call activities in Siebel, which gave the Strategic Initiatives Department no true insight into call data. Oliverio stated, “This challenge made it impossible to test strategies for improvement. We had no real time call statistics that were actionable and reports were purely directional.”

After finding out about the power of AMC Technology’s Interactive Orchestration Platform in connecting Siebel and Avaya and the reporting this allows for, Carnival purchased the product for almost 700 agents in their call center in Miramar, Florida.

“This enhancement has been a critical component to understanding and increasing lead conversion. Additionally, sales managers have more real-time and accurate call data, offering opportunities to impact today’s performance. It has been an effective tool to optimize agent and lead performance”

Colleen Oliverio, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Integration, accountability & activities

Implementing AMC Technology’s DaVinci for Avaya Application Enablement Services and Siebel made the agents in their Miramar, Florida, call center more accountable for their daily activities. Activities are automatically generated, removing the dependency on agents for accurate call activity reporting. Connecting the phone to the Siebel CRM provides insight and efficiency. The phone call now automatically dispositions a lead with an “Attempt” or “Contact” based on the duration of the phone call. This number of attempts on records provides a safeguard to know how often we are trying to call someone. Our model depends on reaching out to guests interested in a cruise because point-and-click dialing systems are essential for agent efficiency. Metrics like conversion attempts or conversion on contact help us understand the effort involved in making a sale.

Agents also benefited from the ability to place outbound calls through the Siebel Media bar easily.

Carnival Corporation has been so impressed with the product they are planning to standardize DaVinci across all of their other nine cruise lines to provide further insight into the effectiveness of their agents, facilitate better planning in their initiatives in other departments, and explore the possible introduction of the SCAPI interface between AMC and Siebel.

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