From integration to insights to efficiency – orchestrated in one platform

DaVinci, Interaction Orchestration Platform delivers CX leaders and solution architects with extensive control over user experiences, and simplifies and accelerates deployments.

Your Whole Customer Experience Ecosystem on One Orchestrated Platform

DaVinci Orchestration
Identity & Access Management
DaVinci Orchestration
Data Management
DaVinci Orchestration
Event-Driven Architecture
DaVinci Orchestration
Enterprise Application Framework

Manage your CX users, and utilize profiles to organize them with the access they need. Utilize authentication processes across all your apps like SSO, OKTA, and more.

Unify data while keeping it secure because AMC Technology’s DaVinci never stores or transmits customer data to cloud services. Even train LLMs for AI, while keeping the data within the confines of your business environment.

Respond to customer needs in real-time by triggering events between decoupled apps (like alerting reps of a customer action in CRM). Easily make improvements or changes to parts of your system, without breaking the full structure.

Utilize a tech stack that provides the platform, library of pre-built apps to leading CX apps and the ability for organizations to build their own apps. Use your own developers or utilize Microsoft’s Low Code No Code Power Platform.

A Full Experience Orchestration Platform

See how each layer of the platform enables the building and deployment of customer & agent experiences

A Full Interaction Orchestration Platform

DaVinci is a vendor agnostic platform that gives CX leaders and solution architects the ability to meet the wide range or requirements for customer experience initiatives.

Separating customer requirements from specific vendor features for improved CX and IT outcomes. A layered approach of pre-built, low code/ no code and completely custom DaVinci apps to cover every use case from basic to highly complex.

Business Use Cases

Made to tackle specific business challenges head-on, DaVinci orchestrates specific use cases for better customer experience management in lead generation, order fulfilment, customer support, appointment scheduling and more.

UI Layout Management

Have deep control to tailor agent UI to match their unique workflow preferences and optimize productivity

Experience Orchestration

DaVinci’s event-driven architecture and enterprise application framework along with the largest collection of pre-built apps for leading CRM and contact center solutions gives CX leaders and solution architects complete control of the user experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Train AI models with interaction data processed by DaVinci within your business applications for AI like predictive & sentiment analysis, chatbots, etc.

Deployment Orchestration

DaVinci simplifies and accelerates deployments of interaction management solutions through the following infrastructure services; identity and access management, and data management with day 1 data protection.

See DaVinci in your Environment!

Purpose built for business leaders responsible for customer experience and the technical experts who support and enhance it.

Solution Architects use AMC Technology’s DaVinci to

Unify, Customize & Elevate Your Tech Stack

Increase the flexibility in application development to design with pre-built apps, low code/ no code, or custom apps.

Confidently integrate systems without compromising on data security with a robust data protection-focused platform.

Utilize event-driven orchestration to trigger actions based on real-time, contextual data for proactive solutions.

DaVinci for CX Glossary
IT Leaders use DaVinci to

Effectively Monitor & Manage on a Secure Platform

Rest assured with top-notch security with day 1 data protection. Plus, all data remains within the organization minimizing external threats.

Simplify user management and integration with IAM (identity & access management) for smooth onboarding and offboarding.

Gain a comprehensive integration with IT cockpit tools to effectively monitor service availability for uninterrupted service.

DaVinci Uptime
Contact Center & CX Leaders use DaVinci to

Optimize with Insights & Personalize CX

Improve essential KPIs like average handle time, first call resolution and overall customer satisfaction.

Unlock valuable insights to access to precisely access the return on investment (ROI) for the technology fueling your contact center environment.

Craft tailored experiences across all customer channels and applications by optimizing data flow and aligning seamlessly with their preferences.

CX Contact Center Leaders

With CTI

Screen Pop, Click-to-Dial, Activity Logging

Pre-Built Integration Applications

With DaVinci’s Orchestration Platform

Screen Pop, Click-to-Dial, Activity Logging

Pre-Built Integration Applications


AI Learning with your Data

Build Low Code Custom Apps

Day 1 Data Protection

Trigger Events Based on Customer Actions

Streamlined Data Flow

Integration with Decoupled Systems

IAM Capabilities (Okta, OneLogin, Azure Active Directory)

Enhance the Apps Running Your Contact Center

“Our survey scores from Members have improved from 2-5% for overall satisfaction with the agent, and our NPS scores on these calls improved by up to 9 points. Additionally, we have seen a reduction in our AHT on these calls, with an average of around 14 seconds of savings, which equates directly to operational savings!”

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Jennifer Parks
Customer Experience and Operations Leader, CAA Club Group

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