Create Harmony for Your Customers & Employees

CX organizations use AMC Technology’s DaVinci to unify systems, trigger workflows and provide seamless customer interactions.

Boost customer interactions with unified agent tools

Experience seamless automation of repetitive agent tasks such as call handling and data entry. Receive real-time screen pops displaying relevant customer information during calls or chats. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of automated call logging for your managers.

Unlock heightened agent productivity and efficiency, resulting in reduced call handling times, faster issue resolution, and an elevated customer experience.

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AMC Technology's DaVinci

Integrate systems for a seamless agent desktop experience

In today’s contact centers, the presence of multiple disjointed systems and applications often results in data silos, time-consuming manual workarounds, and operational inefficiencies.

DaVinci provides a comprehensive integration platform that seamlessly connects CRMs, phone systems, CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service), communication tools, and more. By bridging the gaps between disconnected systems, DaVinci empowers contact centers to achieve enhanced operational cohesion.

AMC Technology's DaVinci

Enhanced experiences drive advocacy, revenue and retention

With DaVinci, experience a significant boost in agent productivity resulting in a more seamless and personalized customer journey. By improving critical customer touchpoints, DaVinci fosters exceptional customer satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates and substantial revenue growth.

AMC Technology's DaVinci Screen Pop

Modernize your call center with integrated CX systems

AMC Technology’s DaVinci offers a versatile platform that seamlessly integrates the applications you’re already using, taking them to new heights by unifying them on a single platform where data flows effortlessly.

Leverage your existing investments and optimize call center operations with ease. Experience the added advantage of data-driven decision-making through automated call logging, empowering you to make informed choices for superior performance.

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Ready to elevate your contact center technology and optimize your operations?

Enhance the Apps Running Your Contact Center

CX Leaders

Benefits for CX Leaders

· Efficient handling time
· Reduced churn
· Increased personalization

IT Admins

Benefits for IT Leaders

· Less infrastructure maintenance
· Straightforward configuration
· Reduced operating costs

Sales Leaders

Benefits for Sales Leaders

· Increased speed to lead
· See actionable data from logs
· More effective interactions

Solution Architects

Benefits for Solution Architects

· Customize apps for adaptability
· Securely integrate systems
· Real-time data processing & analytics

“DaVinci has saved us so much time from an efficiency standpoint, and hard dollars as well, going to four to five systems to authenticate the customers. Now, all of this information comes in from a screen pop.”

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AMC Technology's DaVinci Screen Pop
Connie Romay
Senior VP of Retail Innovation and Management, Ameris Bank
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Why is AMC Technology’s DaVinci more than CTI?

An Interaction Orchestration Platform

Many organizations begin utilizing DaVinci to integrate existing endpoints, like CRM, CCaaS and telephony, that run their contact center to unlock typical CTI features, like screen pop, click-to-dial, and call logging. However, DaVinci is a full platform that can be utilized anywhere customer engagement happens (contact centers, brick-and-mortar, field service, self-service, etc.).

Beyond integrating endpoints, utilize DaVinci’s low-code model to create solutions that address your specific challenges, like automating processes, creating customized human interactions, tracking customer journeys, and more. A future-proof platform that is flexible enough to support every step of your transformation.

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