“We created DaVinci because there were beginning to be problems we couldn’t solve for our customers.”

– Anthony Uliano, Founder & CEO

Beyond the Fixed Feature Approach

Our Open Architecture Platform provides CTI benefits, plus the ability to solve challenges unique to your organization without vendor roadmaps or expensive development.

Without CTI

Organizations not utilizing CTI often have a lot of customer information or numerous systems that don’t allow for data to flow freely between them.

Agents often have to use manual processes to identify customers and their needs, which often results in long call/ activity times and errors in manual entries.

With CTI

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enables seamless integration between telephony systems and customer databases. When a call comes in, CTI can automatically retrieve relevant customer information from the CRM or database and display it on the agent’s screen.

This allows agents to have immediate access to customer history, preferences, and other essential data, enabling personalized and efficient interactions.

With DaVinci

With DaVinci, organizations get all the benefits of CTI but aren’t limited to out-of-the-box features or waiting on a vendor roadmap to solve challenges unique to their customer service goals.

DaVinci users take advantage of our open API to use the customer data integration to trigger actions that provide more proactive customer service. Even if your current goals are solved with CTI, DaVinci expands as your digital transformation goals evolve.

DaVinci vs CTI or Vendor Provided Integration

DaVinci vs. 3rd Party Integration

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