Who Does AMC Technology Help & Why?

AMC Technology helps customer experience leaders develop strategies that can be created through our productized services and our low-code platform, DaVinci.

DaVinci can plug and play out of the box, if you’re looking for basic endpoint integration, or organizations can work with us in a consultative way to provide a maturity model we can work on building together in phases. 

Customer experience & sales leaders seek AMC when they:

  • Want to integrate CRMs, legacy systems, CCaaS, premise telephony or any application needing unification
  • Are looking for CTI benefits like screen pop, click-to-dial, interaction activity logging in a seamless toolbar that can be docked or undocked
  • Hope to gain awareness of customers as they interact with your brand through actions, channels, patterns, intentions, past interactions
  • Need help with automation and new technology to alleviate understaffed teams

Why is AMC Technology different?

How AMC Technology Is Different

CX Technology is our niche

We provide pre-built integration applications to longstanding partners, leading the industry with empowering contact center solutions.

We’re more than CTI

Our Open Architecture Platform provides CTI benefits, plus the ability to solve challenges unique to your organization without vendor roadmaps or expensive development.

Our experience speaks for itself

We’ve built our expertise helping customer experience leaders across the globe since 1995.

How do we work together?

1. Get started with a free trial

After submitting the free trial form, you’ll receive an email with credentials and instructions for Creators Studio to get started. Here you can quickly set-up your profile to see the agent experience in your live environment, or utilize our simulator app if you’d prefer not to connect your telephony.

2. Enjoy your trial independently, or with an AMC Product Specialist

If you’d like assistance, book a quick walkthrough to help set-up your trial or get your questions answered. Or, work independently with resources available to you.

3. All aboard? Onboarding is next.

Purchase the DaVinci license bundles that work for your team’s needs and schedule your onboarding with an AMC specialist.

4. Achieve continued growth

Enjoy a dedicated customer success team to support you when you need it as your CX strategies and transformation goals change and grow.

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