Controlling Crisis Management & Notifications with DaVinci

Communicating with customers during crises, providing updates, and managing related inquiries efficiently

Crisis Management and Notifications

Typical Crisis Management & Notifications Use Cases

CX leaders commonly use DaVinci to orchestrate interactions for:

Real-Time Communication

Timely information about the crisis through email alerts and SMS notifications, its impact on services, and any actions being taken to address it.

Routing Requests

CX leaders can implement triage systems to prioritize and route customer support requests efficiently, ensuring that urgent issues are addressed promptly while managing customer expectations for response times.

Proactive Outreach

CX leaders can conduct proactive outreach to customers who may be directly affected by the crisis, such as those with pending orders, upcoming appointments, or service disruptions. This could involve personalized communications to provide reassurance, alternative solutions, or updates on the status of their situation.

Collaboration and Coordination

Coordination among internal teams involved in crisis management, including customer support, PR, marketing, and operations, is facilitated by centralized communication channels, shared dashboards, and task management tools. These enable cross-functional teams to collaborate effectively, share updates, and coordinate response efforts to mitigate the impact of the crisis on customers.

DaVinci’s Key Features


Completely Customizable

DaVinci’s platform is designed to be extended, enhanced, or customized quickly for each and every customer use case needed.


Own The UI

Have complete control to customize or add new functionality to your solution as it rolls out to different end-users.


Connect With Any App

DaVinci works with any communication channel and can connect custom apps, so you’re not limited to using a single communication infrastructure.

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