Typical DaVinci Use Cases

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Customer Engagement & Communication Use Cases

CX leaders commonly use DaVinci to orchestrate interactions for:

Personalized Customer Reminders

Send tailored reminders via SMS, containing appointment details and personalized recommendations based on past interactions, to ensure timely reminders and enhance customer experience. 

Outbound Campaign Management

Organize and prioritize outbound contact lists for timely callbacks or SMS messages and prospecting utilizing click-to-dial functionality.

Provide Agents with Relevant Info

Reps can utilize screen pop of information for personalized interactions, faster support resolutions or tailored sales approaches by quickly receiving their account info as the interaction comes in.

Channel Control and Presence

Agents can handle all channels from one interface. Real-time agent availability is displayed and incoming requests are automatically directed to available agents.

Interaction Escalation

If an interaction needs to be escalated, the agent can transfer to a supervisor with notes and the account already verified for timely and satisfactory resolution or complex issues.

AI-Powered Operations & Decisioning Use Cases

CX leaders commonly use DaVinci to orchestrate interactions for:

AI Generated Verification

Integration with PII verification and/or AI generated verification like voice biometrics to ensure you’re speaking to the correct citizen for sharing secure information and/or billing information. 

Auto Qualify Leads or Cases with AI

Use interaction transcription summaries and/or sentiment analysis, to accurately score leads or cases so reps spend more time on more qualified leads or prioritize urgent cases. 

Train AI with Internal Business Data

Utilize the wealth of internal data generated from various business operations to train LLMs for AI to optimize processes and improve decision-making.   

Real-Time Decisioning

Using real-time data and advanced decision-making, the agent-assist and/or AI effortlessly identifies the best actions or offers for customers.        

Real-Time Operations Management Use Cases

CX leaders commonly use DaVinci to orchestrate interactions for:

Real-Time Routing

Use customer history or IVR data to route customer issues to the most appropriate call agent based on expertise and availability.

Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts

Track the status of ongoing customer support interactions, identify bottlenecks, and prioritize inquiries based on urgency and severity. Set up alerts for timely issues, ensuring quick intervention and resolution.

Collaboration & Integration Use Cases

CX leaders commonly use DaVinci to orchestrate interactions for:

Cross Team Collaboration

Enable cross-functional teams to collaborate effectively, share updates, and coordinate by unifying systems and databases. 

Custom App Integration

Build DaVinci apps to accommodate custom use cases that can share data and events with other apps and generate data for analytics and AI training. 

Data Management Use Cases

CX leaders commonly use DaVinci to orchestrate interactions for:

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

Compliance with relevant regulations such as GDPR and conceals PII with encryption and privacy controls.

Performance Monitoring

 Utilize accurate call and activity logging and aggregated data to generate reports so you know what your reps are doing right and what they could do better for mentoring and training.  

SDR/BDR Coaching

Review recordings to pinpoint improvements and share top performers best practices. Give supervisors real-time access with call alerts and transcripts for staff monitoring and motivation. 

Predictive Analytics

Predict customer behavior, including churn probability and preferred communication channels. This understanding empowers proactive engagement tactics to retain loyal customers and address potential concerns. Utilize your own customer data to train the AI for enhanced insights. 

Order Tracking

Streamline the process of tracking items or tasks within the platform while simultaneously enabling users to swiftly create tickets for necessary actions or follow-ups.   

Customer Record Management

Adding transcribed call summaries to customer records ensures accurate records are kept on the account and serve as valuable references for follow-up and next steps.   

DaVinci’s Key Features


Completely Customizable

DaVinci’s platform is designed to be extended, enhanced, or customized quickly for each and every customer use case needed.


Own The UI

Have complete control to customize or add new functionality to your solution as it rolls out to different end-users.


Connect With Any App

DaVinci works with any communication channel and can connect custom apps, so you’re not limited to using a single communication infrastructure.

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