Transition to an Omni-Channel Contact Center

smoothly Transition to an Omni-Channel Contact Center with DaVinci Technology

Smoothly Transition to an Omni-Channel Contact Center with DaVinci and Elevate Customer Experiences while Opening the Door to Adapt to New Technologies

Although the expectations of customers seem to always be increasing, the urgency of organizations to smoothly transition to an omni-channel contact center and accommodate customers how and where they wanted accelerated with the need to survive during the pandemic.

Customers are expecting a personalized, timely experience that follows them across the channels they interact with your business. For example, they want the self-service inputs to follow them to the voice interactions with agents. To meet these needs, contact centers need to replace isolated communication channels with integrated omni-channel ecosystems that can give agents and supervisors full insight of each customer’s journey.

Find the Right Technology to Transition to an Omni-Channel Contact Center

While migrating complex systems into an integrated platform that allows your to offer a sustainable path to deliver superior customer experiences is no easy feat. Finding the right technology to integrate your CRM and communication channel(s) can make a huge difference in your process to a total digital transformation.

Here are 4 benefits of using DaVinci to transition to an Omni-Channel Contact Center:

Move at your own pace

Transform from a point-to-point integrated contact center whether you’re fully on premise or partially in the cloud to a fully conversational organization. Agents can move over time or all at once…you set the pace of your transformation.

Compose your ideal agent experience

DaVinci’s low code / no code approach let’s you see your vision in action. Take on use cases as varied as payment processing to mobile app integration. DaVinci is the ideal composable contact center experience.

Add new channels gradually

Adding multiple new channels for your agents to use at once can be disruptive. Add channels like chat, email, text and more gradually to a voice-only platform to help your agents adjust to a new channel, while maintaining their familiar way to handle voice.

Keep configurations during migration

DaVinci’s Creators Studio carries the configurations from your premise environment over to your new cloud applications, so if your agents have pre-configurable call notes or speed dials they won’t lose them during the migration.

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