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This enhancement has been a critical component to understanding and increasing lead conversion. Additionally, sales managers have more real-time and accurate call data, offering opportunities to impact today’s performance. It has been an effective tool to optimize agent and lead performance

The Davinci product gives my company a very good solution and meets the goal of my Contact Center deployment.

Sharon C

It’s mostly plug and play except requiring an additional setup on a server as our client had existing telephony systems. The support from Paul M was exceptional and we could set it up in no time. The switchover to prod was seamless. We explored the option with other vendors and they couldn’t as easily plug into the existing telephony system and proposed a lot of bells and whistles which was not required. Trusted name and lot of experience in CTI domain definitely helps AMC set apart from other vendors resulting in commendable customer satisfaction.

Vikas Rathod

Just when you need more than what you see in all the options available for CTI integration DaVinci seems to be perfect choice. Each customer has a different requirement which simply can not be fulfilled by any system until you do some customizations and that where DaVinci has you covered. This product is very customizable and thus can be integrated in any way you like. You have a cool ability to integrate with any existing telephony system.

Ravinder Verma
Co-Founder & Vice President

The system is pretty much maintenance free, set up once and forget. Our organization SAP CRM system are able to integrate seamlessly with voice system thanks to AMC Technology.

Shee Seng F.

Sometimes when you are a little quick to adopt the latest technologies or want the newest toys, life can be frustrating. When you are a David working with Goliaths, you can get frustrated and scared. My adoption to Twilio with DaVinci was a bit of a struggle due to my specific use-case as a small user. HOWEVER, the support and customization I received from AMC, Paul Martin, and Ashley Etherton was outstanding. I believe not only did I pick the right technology with Twilio, but the best business partners in AMC. Excited to move on the SMS and chat bots!!! Move forward with AMC and give them your company’s wish list.

Greg Gardner

With the other solutions, we needed two different tools: One for email and chat and another for the phone. We would have lost the ability to handle all of the channels and blend them. With Omni-Channel Supervisor and AMC’s solution, managers can move agents from phone to email, email to phone, or to both channels. They can flip agents in and out of each channel! This [Omni-Channel Supervisor] is a Salesforce feature that was enhanced by AMC. The two products worked so well it was like 1 + 1 = 3 instead of 2. The agents love it!

Our customer required integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Amazon Connect, and we found several products that claimed to provide tight integration. However, when we put these products to the test, DaVinci came out on top… AMC is fast becoming our product of choice for CRM integration.

Anton Jeyaratnam

DaVinci has saved us so much time from an efficiency standpoint, and hard dollars as well, going to four to five systems to authenticate the customers. Now, all of this information comes in from a screen pop, eliminating the extra effort.

Consistency and ability to keep it running with a reasonable amount of effort. There is a consistency of delivery from the product.

… it reduces customer frustration because they don’t have to identify themselves multiple times

We have been using AMC products for the last 7 years with our Avaya Call center product and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it is a very stable application and very rarely we need to take assistance for any troubleshooting and even if it required support, their support is awesome.

Anil P.

DaVinci helped me to give the best solution to my client.

Uri S.
VP, IT Delivery

The omni-channel integration from a feature stand point and the single user interface for all channels were the biggest differentiators because none of the other products had that. AMC stuck with us – they over delivered.

The implementation of AMC CTI integration laid solid foundations for a leap in Colmobil’s Customer Interaction Centers behavior and performance.

DaVinci is a great tool providing integrations with all top telephony providers and CRMs.


As a community bank with a large customer service center, improving our customer experience is a continuing effort. Adding the DaVinci product to our customer case management systems has enabled us to reduce call handle time by reducing the time to authenticate customers. Davinci was easy to integrate into our Cisco and Salesforce environment. The implementation and support teams were professional and easy to work with. Davinci was easy to customize to the needs of our Customer Service teams. I would recommend Davinci to other customer service centers looking to streamline their call handle process. Your agents will thank you!

Alan Cooper
Application Engineering Manager

AMC is an experienced vendor, offering a solution [DaVinci] that has perfectly fit our business needs for years.

We are in the process of integrating our Avaya phone solution in to our SAP screen for a single contact point for our call center agents. One spot where they can control all calling functions as well as ordering functions. The integration link we had from Avaya was very basic and was not working well. Switching to AMC DaVinci has proven to be a much better solution.

Mark U

The 10 years [as an AMC customer] is a sign that it’s a solid offering.

With any solution vendor, it is appreciative when you have one email, phone and point of contact that you know you can go to that will do everything they can to help you. In other companies you may be directed to another territory or team, but with AMC every problem we had was taken care of with very good support.

“DaVinci adding value in our contact centres!”
In 2022, CAA Club Group leveraged DaVinci to implement CTI features into our busy call centers. This integration allows our agents to get the relevant customer record to appear (“screen pop”) on their CRM screen at the time of a qualified call. In addition, our agents have benefited from DaVinci’s call controls, click-to-dial, transfer capabilities, and integration with our automated attendant system.

We have seen that a successful screen pop translates to a better customer experience, as the customer or Member information is readily available as soon as the call is received, resulting in smoother interactions with agents. On calls where screen pop was successful, our survey scores from Members have improved from 2-5% for overall satisfaction with the agent, and our NPS scores on these calls improved by up to 9 points. Additionally, we have seen a reduction in our AHT on these calls, with an average of around 14 seconds of savings, which equates directly to operational savings!

Jen Parks
Director, Programs and Club Operations

DaVinci is very easy to get started with the integrations, almost like plug-and-play. DaVinci’s integration with SAP C4C, Genesys + Five9 ensures a comprehensive 360-degree view of all customer interactions using different technologies across our third-party contact centers.


Where to start! We use DaVinci for almost a year now. Couldn’t be happier with the integration with our D365. Perfect communication with AMC team (despite the time difference). I wholeheartedly recommend DaVinci to any businesses out there that use D365 and need a reliable and seamless cloud contact centre solution.

Zoran Ivanovic
Business Analytics Manager

Easy to install and setup. Easy to upgrade. Zero downtime for 9 years. Best solution I’ve found for our needs.

Haim Inger
CTO & VP of Infrastructure

Integrating into any communication channel is the best thing that I have ever seen. Before, we have limited access to the agent’s UI. Now with Davinci, we can able to take total control of the agent’s UI.

Automotive Customer

Great solutions to increasing call center efficiency.

Leisure, Travel & Tourism Customer

Using Screen pop had always been a big want for both our customers and employees. The ease with which it was setup and deployed, along with the ease of use made it a fantastic addition to our technology needs.

Steve Crocker

DaVinci is very flexible in installation and easy to use. Through the DaVinci application, we eliminate the usage of two screens for very busy agents & all caller information is passed automatically to the SAP agent page.

We like that DaVinci is a very stable, reliable platform and we haven’t had any problems working with AMC in the past 20 years. We have enjoyed working with their support team.

We are using DaVinci to integrate our phone system to Dynamics CRM and it works really well. The support we got from AMC was nothing but the best since the beginning from meeting catch ups, integration, testing and training. I highly recommend DaVinci and AMC team!

Mauricio Shiroma

We have shortened the call duration by an average of 30 seconds per call, allowing us to service more customers with the same number of representatives

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