Salesforce Service Cloud Voice Datasheet

Streamline your CX performance with DaVinci™ & Salesforce Service Cloud Voice. In the Salesforce Service Cloud Voice datasheet, explore how DaVinci’s built-in integration seamlessly incorporates your phone system’s call controls within Salesforce, elevating agent workflows and unlocking heightened efficiency for your entire customer service organization. Discover how this powerful combination empowers your customers, agents, and business, ensuring thriving interactions with CTI.

In this Service Cloud Voice datasheet, you will:

  • Boost Customer Interactions:
    • Real-time screen pops with customer data for personalized calls.
    • Quick access to call controls and click-to-dial enhances agent efficiency.
  • Unlock Actionable Insights:
    • DaVinci processes call data, providing precise information for informed decisions.
    • Data-driven insights empower supervisors, facilitating report generation in Salesforce.
  • Transform with AI:
    • Transcription service and Salesforce Einstein’s AI tailor interactions with data-driven features.
    • DaVinci’s integration embeds call controls in Salesforce, optimizing agent workflows for efficient customer service.
Service Cloud Voice Datasheet

Control your entire customer experience ecosystem with one orchestration platform.

Enhance Agent Control
Enhance Agent Control

Streamline agent tasks with DaVinci’s easy app and UI changes, requiring minimal coding for increased control over daily processes.

Efficient Business Processes
Efficient Business Processes

Utilize DaVinci interactions to enhance efficiency in credit card processing, ticketing systems, verification, and custom applications.

Integrated Services
Integrated Services

Combine CCaaS seamlessly with services like Open AI, Twilio SMS, Power Automate, and more for a comprehensive solution.

Insights & AI Training
Insights & AI Training

Leverage DaVinci’s interaction events for AI model training, enhancing capabilities such as predictive analysis, sentiment analysis, and chatbots.

Cross-Departmental Collaboration
Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Transfer calls outside CCaaS to involve knowledge workers from various departments, gathering insights from diverse interaction data.

Contact Center CRM Integration

DaVinci, an interaction orchestration platform, creates agent and customer experiences through its two core layers.

1. Experience Orchestration: With its event-driven architecture and extensive library of pre-built apps for top CRM and contact center solutions, DaVinci empowers CX leaders and solution architects to control user experiences fully.

2. Deployment Orchestration: By streamlining deployments of interaction management solutions, DaVinci offers infrastructure services such as identity and access management, along with robust data management, ensuring Day 1 Data Protection.

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