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Luxury Auto Group Creates Custom Integration App with DaVinci

Luxury Car Dealership

Auto Group Enhances Customer Engagement: Creating a Custom Integration App with DaVinci’s Advanced Call Masking

Discover how a luxury car dealership transforms customer interactions by creating a custom app alongside DaVinci’s integration solution. This innovative tool lets agents discreetly call for various services while keeping the dealership’s identity private. This seamlessly integrates with their CRM system, providing location-specific insights that enhance customer engagement. Learn more about how this approach changes how the dealership builds customer relationships.

Luxury Car Dealership

DaVinci is very user-friendly, and there are not too many challenges with DaVinci. It’s it’s pretty user-friendly. We touch on it quickly with the agents, and they grasp it fairly quickly and move on to start making calls.

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Prior to adopting DaVinci, the company utilized a non-Salesforce CRM and a homegrown system for customer interaction management. However, integrating these tools proved to be inefficient and resulted in issues with customer management processes. The disconnected nature of the existing systems hindered effective communication and data tracking, prompting the need for a more comprehensive solution.

The luxury auto group’s primary objective was to establish a unified system capable of overseeing the entire customer interaction lifecycle – from the inception of a phone call to the culmination of a reservation. Recognizing the significance of data-driven insights, the company aimed to acquire accurate and detailed information that could facilitate comprehensive analysis.

Their specific goals included:

  • Monitoring agent actions.
  • Assessing call outcomes such as appointment bookings and message placements.
  • Gaining insights into various call types.


The customer service process of the luxury auto group has undergone a complete transformation by integrating Salesforce CRM and Cisco through DaVinci. The transition has been further improved by creating a customized app within our Creator Studio platform. This comprehensive solution provides various benefits to the group.

BDC agents now have the capability to effortlessly make outbound calls and assist customers in scheduling service appointments, streamlining the entire customer journey from initial contact to reservation completion. The standout feature here is the inbound screen-pop functionality. It furnishes agents with invaluable insights into each customer’s history, including past purchases and the specific dealership where they made their purchases.

What’s more, the MC Interceptor ensures seamless integration and call masking, offering BDC agents a user-friendly solution that significantly enhances the efficiency and personalization of every interaction. With a simple dropdown menu in the CRM interface, agents can easily select the relevant dealership location, which is also visible in Salesforce CRM, thanks to this integrated approach. This streamlined process initiates proactive outreach to customers, making them feel valued by highlighting the dealership where they acquired their vehicle.

The result is a robust personalized approach that forges solid and lasting connections with customers. This facilitates the appointment scheduling process, and fosters increased customer loyalty, ultimately setting this luxury auto group apart in the industry.


The implementation of AMC Technology’s interaction orchestration platform solution yielded significant benefits.

Enhanced Service Experience

The inbound screen-pop provides critical information to service BDC members, enabling personalized and informed interactions for scheduling service appointments.

Efficiency in Outbound Calls

When making outbound calls, agents carefully review the customer’s account to improve the effectiveness of conversations.

Location-Specific Approach

The dropdown list through MC Interceptor ensures that interactions are directed to the appropriate dealership location, enhancing customer engagement.

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