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Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Integration Across Third-Party Contact Centers

Household and Personal care retailer
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Transforming Customer Interaction Management in Household and Personal Care Retail with DaVinci

A leading manufacturer and distributor of household and personal care brands faced challenges consolidating customer interactions across diverse platforms during their transition to SAP C4C. Seeking a solution, they turned to AMC’s DaVinci platform, which efficiently integrated multiple CTI environments and streamlined coordination between internal and external teams. DaVinci’s services provided comprehensive management of agent profiles, leading to a unified approach to customer service. As a result, the company has experienced enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction in their interaction management processes.

Household and Personal care retailer


This leading household and personal care retailer has been actively addressing the challenges of maintaining a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer interactions, especially in light of its transition from SAP CRM to SAP C4C. Currently, the company has agents operating on SAP CRM and is migrating to SAP C4C, which signifies its commitment to enhancing customer relationship management.

One obstacle stemmed from the diverse technologies utilized in its third-party contact centers. The presence of multiple CTI applications, such as Five9 and Genesys, posed a significant hurdle in capturing and consolidating customer interaction data effectively. Integrating SAP Service Cloud with these varied systems proved challenging, resulting in fragmented customer information. This fragmentation, in turn, impeded the ability to deliver personalized and efficient customer service.

The external contact centers, operating as an extension of the customer service team, further complicated the situation. Seamless integration between the internal call center, powered by RingCentral, and these external entities became imperative. The need for coordination in assistance and information flow between the internal and external teams emerged as a crucial requirement to ensure consistent and superior customer support across all touchpoints.

In response to these challenges, the company is actively working towards establishing a more cohesive and integrated customer service ecosystem. The migration to SAP C4C, combined with strategic measures to address technology disparities and enhance communication between internal and external teams, reflects the company’s commitment to delivering an elevated standard of customer support. Through these initiatives, the company aims to overcome the complexities associated with disparate technologies, ultimately providing a seamless and personalized experience for its customers across various interaction channels.


Before adopting DaVinci, the company needed greater integration to streamline its complex CTI setup while transitioning the CRM system from on-premises to the cloud within the Service Cloud project. Dealing with two BPO providers for consumer service and internal teams increased the complexity.

Upon contacting AMC’s sales team, the company collaborated to address their challenges comprehensively. DaVinci’s unique ability to manage agent profiles stood out as the platform capable of handling multiple CTI environments, ensuring seamless integration tailored to the company’s diverse needs.

The most important aspect for users, particularly agents, is the smooth integration of telephony software and CRM solutions. All relevant data must appear on the screen when a call is received and that call end times, durations, and other details are captured. In addition, our callback feature is handy for customers experiencing longer queue times during their initial call. They can request a callback.

During the onboarding process, the company experienced no issues and appreciated the SE’s hands-on approach and responsiveness. DaVinci provided a solution that integrated the company’s systems with their BPO providers, facilitating smoother communication and data exchange. This unified system made it easier for agents to handle callbacks and outreach on orders and cases, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

This collaboration with AMC and the adoption of DaVinci have significantly transformed the company’s customer interaction management, fostering a more unified and efficient approach to customer service across their diverse business units.


The implementation of AMC Technology’s Interaction Orchestration platform solution yielded significant benefits.

Increased Productivity

The unified interface integration streamlined productivity by automating case generation from incoming calls. This eliminated manual data entry and information lookup, allowing agents to promptly resolve customer queries. The result was improved call center efficiency and exceptional customer support.

Seamless Integration:

DaVinci’s solution facilitated the smooth integration of telephony software and CRM solutions, ensuring that all relevant data appears on the screen when a call is received. This integration enables agents to access call end times, durations, and other details, enhancing their ability to provide efficient customer service and maintain a comprehensive 360-degree view of all customer interactions.

Real-time Insights:

DaVinci’s integrated system provides real-time insights into customer interactions, allowing agents to make data-driven decisions and promptly offer personalized assistance. This feature enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty while ensuring a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer engagement.

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