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Find out how Darby Dental Supply, one of the largest dental distributors in the US, celebrated 10 years as an AMC customer by successfully integrating with DaVinci’s innovative solutions. By utilizing the power of click-to-dial in their outbound call center, Darby Dental Supply has been able to streamline their operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Discover how this integration with DaVinci has helped them achieve their business goals, enhance their performance, and stay ahead of the competition.

Darby Dental




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Who is Darby Dental Supply?

Darby Dental Supply, LLC, is one of the largest dental distributors in the United States, shipping over one million orders each year. Headquartered in Jericho, NY, the company was founded in 1948 and has expanded into seven sales offices and three fully automated distribution centers strategically positioned across the country. As a low impact solutions provider, Darby gives general practitioners and specialty dental practices convenient access to over 50,000 products without interrupting daily workflow.

DaVinci Checks the Box for Darby Dental Supply

The year is 2012. Gangnam Style is blasting from iPods, the world is celebrating Prince William & Kate Middleton’s first pregnancy announcement while simultaneously mourning the death of Whitney Houston and rising gas prices: the highest nationwide average ($3.60 per gallon), that is, until 2022 ($4.24 per gallon).

That same year, Darby Dental Supply was completing a migration from their former CRM to Salesforce and wanted to continue giving their agents outbound dialing capabilities in their new environment. At that time, AMC Technology was already an experienced partner with Salesforce (since 2003), had integration with Darby Dental’s existing Avaya phone system, and worked with their PBX. AMC could also help them with their overall community office management, streamlining communication from four corporate locations. Overall, AMC’s solution checked all the boxes.

Ed Friedmann, Director of Network Operations, recently spoke with AMC to reflect on the early days of the integration project. He shared that, when working on integration projects, there are always multiple dynamics that cause issues behind the scenes; however, in comparison, the AMC integration went relatively smoothly. “Things are considerably less challenging than I’ve experienced in other areas,” explained Ed.

Darby Dental

Celebrating 10 Years of Outbound Dialing

The click-to-dial and outbound dialing features that originally precipitated the need for integration are still requirements for their agents to do business today.

One of largest US dental distributors, Darby Dental Supply celebrates 10 years as AMC customer, continuing to utilize the power of click-to-dial in outbound call center continue to use DaVinci to expedite outbound calling to their customer base within Salesforce and integrate with an additional internal application for customer solicitation.

Each of their 230+ agents make between 30 and 40 outbound calls per day.

“Consistency and ability to keep it running with a reasonable amount of effort. There is a consistency of delivery from the product.”

Ed Friedmann, Director of Network Operations at Darby Dental

No Adjustments Needed in Davinci as Agents Went Remote During Pandemic

When the global pandemic abruptly shifted almost all of Darby Dental’s agents to remote work, their IT team didn’t have to make any adjustments to their DaVinci environment. “It wasn’t even a factor [in the transition],” Ed shared.

Two years later, 99 percent of their agents continue to work from home without any issues from DaVinci.

Would You Recommend AMC and/or DaVinci?

When asked if Ed would you recommend AMC and or DaVinci to someone else looking for integration, he replied, “Of course.” He continued, “There is normally only one group that checks all our boxes, and obviously when we were evaluating this [DaVinci], you guys came out on top and we’re still here.”

“The 10 years [as an AMC customer] is a sign that it’s a solid offering.” – Ed Friedmann

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