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Colmobil Boosts Customer Service and Efficiency with AMC’s CTI Integration

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Who is Colmobil Corp?

Colmobil Corp. is an Israeli automotive company that specializes in importing and distributing cars. It was founded in 1961 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv. The company operates as the exclusive importer and distributor of various car brands in Israel, including Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai. Colmobil also provides aftersales services, including maintenance, repair, and spare parts supply for the vehicles it imports and distributes. The company has a strong presence in the Israeli market and has received various awards for its business excellence and customer satisfaction.

Colmobil’s Journey Towards Unified User Interface and Streamlined Operations

Colmobil Corporation, a leading automotive company in Israel, sought to streamline their call center operations by integrating their SAP CRM with CISCO UCCX CTI. The existing process of managing incoming and outgoing calls was cumbersome and prone to errors. This case study explores how Colmobil partnered with AMC Technology to implement a seamless CRM and CTI integration solution, resulting in improved customer service and operational efficiency.


Colmobil’s call center agents faced challenges due to the disjointed user interfaces of SAP CRM and CISCO UCCX CTI. Agents had to switch between applications to handle calls, leading to inefficiencies and increased errors. The company needed a unified user interface that would allow agents to manage calls seamlessly and access relevant customer information in real-time.

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Colmobil Transforms Operations with AMC’s CTI Integration


AMC Technology delivered a comprehensive CTI integration solution tailored to Colmobil’s needs. The integration ensured that the correct CRM customer data was automatically displayed to agents upon answering a call. Agents could access caller information, enabling quicker call handling and reducing overall call duration. The integration provided features such as call control, agent session management, screen pop technology, call transfers, call conferencing, and click-to-dial functionality within the CRM system. This integration enabled agents to focus on customer service activities within the Salesforce CRM application, improving efficiency and productivity.


The implementation of AMC Technology’s CTI integration solution yielded significant benefits for Colmobil

Increased Productivity

Agents saved time by automatically generating cases from incoming calls, eliminating manual data entry or information lookup. This allowed agents to focus on resolving customer queries promptly, improving overall call center productivity.

Enhanced Customer Experience

With quick access to caller information and seamless call handling capabilities, agents provided more efficient and personalized customer service. The reduction in call duration led to improved customer satisfaction and a better overall experience.

Operational Efficiency

By streamlining call center operations and eliminating the need for manual data entry, Colmobil achieved time savings and increased efficiency. The solution helped minimize errors, ensuring accurate and up-to-date customer data.

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