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Clal Credit Insurance

Revolutionizing Customer Support: AMC’s Integration Slashes Call Durations by 30 Seconds Per Call!





Who is CLAL Credit Insurance?

Clal Credit Insurance Ltd. is a top Israeli credit insurance provider, offering commercial and political risk insurance for both domestic and export markets. With 38 years of experience, the Company leads the credit insurance market in Israel and serves over 450 insured clients. Since 2001, it has also provided export credit insurance in more than 120 countries worldwide. The Company’s vision is to continue providing professional services to clients by strengthening their credit management and supporting growth through accurate risk assessments. In addition to credit insurance, the Company began offering Surety Bonds in 2018. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Streamlining Call Handling and Boosts Customer Service

CLAL Insurance, a renowned insurance and long-term savings provider in Israel, recognized the need to enhance its customer service and streamline call handling times. To achieve this goal, the company embarked on a mission to find a cutting-edge Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution that could help them achieve their objectives. After conducting extensive research and analysis, the company ultimately chose AMC Technology – a trusted provider of innovative CTI solutions. By partnering with AMC Technology, CLAL Insurance was able to transform its customer service approach and provide its valued customers with a more efficient and satisfactory experience.

“It was the only reliable solution to connect our Cisco telephone system to our SAP CRM,” stated Haim Inger, Chief Technology Officer at CLAL Insurance, when asked what factors played into their decision to purchase AMC’s product for their 400 contact center agents.


“We have shortened the call duration by an average of 30 seconds per call, allowing us to service more customers with the same number of representatives”

Haim Inger, Chief Technology Officer

Solution For CLAL Insurance

The solution of AMC’s integration for SAP and Cisco provided CLAL Insurance with an abundance of advanced features like click-to-dial, contextual call controls, automatic call logging, agent “not-ready” reason codes and more; however, Inger shared that screen pop was the most beneficial feature.

“The ability to popup the customer details from our SAP CRM automatically to the representative has been the most helpful,” said Inger.

“The ability to popup the customer details from our SAP CRM automatically to the representative has been the most helpful.”


CLAL’s dedicates significant efforts towards improving the service they provide customers and feel as if they are leading the revolution in service based on the innovative digital tools which allow customers to receive service promptly at any time, and any location. AMC’s solution has helped CLAL Insurance with their mission by shortening the average call handling time.

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