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Advancing Customer Interaction in the Leading Beverage Company’s South African Contact Center

leading beverage company | DaVinci Integration Dynamics
Beverage Manufacturer

Transformative Integration Enhances Operations and Customer Service

At the core of Africa’s leading bottling company, the South Africa Contact Center is vital in various operational aspects, especially in commercial and sales endeavors. To achieve operational excellence, the center has seamlessly integrated the Genesis telephony system with Dynamics 365, using the DaVinci solution, a trusted partner of Microsoft.

This strategic decision has significantly improved call handling, email management, and order capture processes, all powered by Microsoft’s suite of products and services. The unified solution has enabled the center to respond promptly, surpassing Service Level Agreement metrics and elevating overall customer satisfaction.

The remarkable success achieved through this integration sets a precedent for broader Dynamics 365 adoption across the company’s entire network in Africa, underscoring the transformative influence of the solution on operational efficiency and customer service quality.

leading beverage company | DaVinci Integration Dynamics


The South African contact center faced several operational challenges within its ERP framework. To streamline operations and enhance the customer experience, it chose Dynamics as the central component. However, it needed a suitable solution to align Dynamics with its requirements and improve customer service.

To address this need, they adopted DaVinci’s integration platform, which seamlessly links the Genesis telephony system with Dynamics 365. This decision aimed to equip agents with a unified interface, simplifying the management of calls, emails, and orders. DaVinci’s seamless integration allowed agents to navigate between applications on a single screen, improving efficiency. The contact center established rigorous service level agreements (SLAs), with a primary key performance indicator (KPI) of a 95% call answer rate within 20 seconds. The center consistently exceeded this benchmark, ensuring swift and responsive customer service.

The integration of DaVinci has significantly transformed their contact center operations. It has enhanced operational efficiency and provided a consolidated view of customer interactions within Dynamics 365. Agents can now focus more on meaningful customer engagement rather than grappling with multiple systems, resulting in a noticeable improvement in overall service levels.

The strategic initiatives undertaken by the contact center reflect their unwavering commitment to delivering superior customer service. By successfully integrating DaVinci with Dynamics 365, they have positioned themselves for continued success in meeting evolving customer engagement demands. The plan to expand Dynamics 365 across the broader company network reflects their dedication to standardized and customer-centric operations continent-wide.


The implementation of AMC Technology’s Interaction Orchestration platform solution yielded significant benefits.

Scalability and Expansion

Coca-Cola South Africa Contact Center has successfully implemented DaVinci and Dynamics 365. The organization plans to expand its usage throughout the CCBA network in Africa, ensuring standardized, efficient, and customer-centric operations. This proactive approach sets the contact center up for a smooth transition and future growth opportunities.

Operational Efficiency

The integration of DaVinci with Dynamics 365 streamlined operations within the Coca-Cola South Africa Contact Center. Agents could seamlessly handle calls, emails, and order capture within a unified interface, improving efficiency. Agents could focus more on customer interactions rather than navigating between systems.

Meeting and Exceeding SLAs

 The contact center consistently fulfilled the Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics and even surpassed them by answering 95% of incoming calls within 20 seconds. This resulted in a fast and efficient customer experience, highlighting the effectiveness of the integrated solution in achieving its performance targets.

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