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Streamlining Customer Service: Alghanim’s Journey with DaVinci

Alghanim Customer Story
Warm Transfer/ Single Unified Interface

Who is Alghanim?

Alghanim Industries is a prominent Kuwait-based conglomerate operating in various sectors such as automotive, engineering, retail, and more. It has a strong presence in the Middle East and partners with global brands. Known for quality and customer service, it has received numerous awards and recognition.

Streamlining Efficiency and Enhancing Customer Experiences: Alghanim Overcomes Call Center Challenges with DaVinci Integration

Alghanim’s call center operations faced significant challenges that impacted efficiency and productivity. The representatives encountered difficulties due to the high volume of daily calls and the complex task of navigating multiple screens. They were constantly switching between screens, manually copying and pasting customer information for order creation and service inquiry lookups. This manual process proved time-consuming and prone to errors, ultimately hindering the overall effectiveness of the contact center.

The need for uninterrupted call center operations was essential for Alghanim, as their business ran 24/7. They cannot support more than 30 minutes of downtime. By implementing DaVinci, Alghanim successfully minimized downtime and ensured continuous service, allowing them to meet customer demands seamlessly. This integration significantly enhanced their ability to deliver exceptional experiences round the clock while streamlining operations and optimizing efficiency within their contact center.


Hussein Akar / IT Analyst – Business Solutions


AMC Technology’s DaVinci integration solution proved transformative for Alghanim’s contact centers. By implementing the cloud-based application, the burden of repetitive logins was eliminated, and a single unified interface was created. Representatives now log in only once, enabling seamless navigation of tasks and prioritizing exceptional customer service.

A game-changing feature of the DaVinci integration was the introduction of warm transfer capabilities. This revolutionized agent-customer interactions and collaboration with sales teams. Rather than disconnecting customers during transfers, warm transfer allowed agents to keep them on the line while establishing a smooth connection with the sales team. This facilitated better communication, reduced handoff times, and significantly improved the overall customer experience.


The implementation of AMC Technology’s CTI integration solution yielded significant benefits for Alghanim

Increased Productivity

Alghanim’s unified interface integration streamlined productivity by automating case generation from incoming calls. This eliminated manual data entry and information lookup, allowing agents to promptly resolve customer queries. The result was improved call center efficiency and exceptional customer support.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Alghanim optimized operations by integrating warm transfer functionality through DaVinci. This seamless feature enabled representatives to connect with the sales team while keeping customers on the line. Workflow efficiency improved, handoff times decreased, and customer experiences were enhanced.

Operational Efficiency

By implementing DaVinci’s single sign-on integration, Alghanim eliminated the need for multiple logins, saving time and simplifying workflows. With seamless access to essential systems and applications, productivity increased, and the risk of errors decreased.

Hussein Akar / IT Analyst – Business Solutions

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