What is the impact on the agent experience when moving from premise to cloud communication channels?

moving from premise to cloud

We have been receiving numerous inquiries from our customers regarding the transition from traditional premise-based communication platforms such as Avaya or Cisco to more contemporary cloud-based or CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) communication channels like Five9, Genesys Cloud, or AWS. To address this, we have created a comprehensive guide that outlines the process of moving from premise to cloud deployment using DaVinci, which includes integrating voice biometrics.

Our customers are asking a lot of questions about how you move from a premise communication platform (like Avaya, Cisco, etc..) to a more modern cloud or CCaaS communication channel (Five9, Genesys Cloud, AWS, etc.).

This how-to guide walks you through a scenario of starting with a premise deployment, adding voice biometrics and then migrating to a cloud deployment using DaVinci.

Organizations utilize AMC’s DaVinci anywhere customer engagement happens (contact centers, brick-and-mortar, field service, self-service, etc.) for better customer and employee experiences. We integrate and support best of breed apps, platforms and tools that empower both standard and custom use cases through a low code model. DaVinci handles a variety of interactions, whether they’re on-premise or in the cloud, like in the scenario below.

How To: Move from a Premise to Communication Platform to a CCaaS (with Voice Biometrics)

Step 1: Premise Communication Platform (Cisco) with CRM (Microsoft Dynamics) Integration with DaVinci

Cisco and Microsoft Dynamics are configured within DaVinci Creators Studio to provide integration.

moving from premise to cloud

Agent experience of DaVinci Agent integrating Microsoft Dynamics and Cisco (premise). Which provides advanced features like screen pop (shown in image below) and others like click-to-dial, activity logging and more.

AMC Technology- Sandbox

Step 2: Add Voice Biometrics to the Agent Experience

Add the DaVinci App for Nuance Voice Biometrics in Creators Studio to the Profile

DaVinci Apps

Now, if you go back to the DaVinci Agent experience in Microsoft Dynamics, they will still have the same features, like screen pop, but because the Voice Biometrics app is added to the profile, when they answer the incoming call, it checks to see if that customer has been enrolled into Voice Biometrics.

DaVinci - Sandbox - Screen pop

Because this customer has been enrolled into Voice Biometrics, the agent is prompted to initiate voice authentication, and once they do they get a confirmation that voice has been confirmed.

Scenario 3: Move from premise telephony (Cisco) to cloud communication platform (Amazon) with Voice Biometrics.

In Creators Studio remove the DaVinci App for Cisco from the Profile.

DaVinci app for Cisco | moving from premise to cloud

Now, add the DaVinci App for Amazon to the profile.

DaVinci app for Amazon Connect | moving from premise to cloud

The agent experience is similar, except it is now connected to Amazon.

DaVinci - Sandbox | moving from premise to cloud

Because we still have the DaVinci App for Voice Biometrics configured, the agent experience is similar with the same pop-up that was available in the Cisco scenario, that allows the agent to authenticate the caller’s voice.

Voice Biometrics | moving from premise to cloud

Even though the deployment method differs – moving from a premise-based telephony system like Cisco to a cloud-based platform such as Amazon with the assistance of DaVinci – the agent experience remains largely the same.

To see the full demo video, watch it on our YouTube Channel Here.

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