What is iPaaS?

What is iPaas?

What is iPaaS?

iPaaS, or Integration platform as a service, is a hosted offering where a third-party provider delivers the infrastructure and/or middleware that manages and integrates the organization’s applications. While CPaaS (communication platform as a service) is only able to manage integrating functions once everything is migrated to cloud, iPaaS integrations happen simultaneously and can also integrate data between on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments.

In the past, contact centers simply integrated their CRM and telephone systems with customer point-to-point solutions or (unnecessarily complex) expensive middleware that was often customer built or came with high costs that were relatively inflexible. As contact centers evolved and responded to the demands of customers preferred communication methods, IT decision-makers responded by adding additional applications and/or custom integrations to make their business applications and contact centers work more efficiently together.

With increased need for multiple applications, iPaaS solutions are increasingly more popular by providing prebuilt connections between applications. The “as a service” comes into play because all of the applications are already integrated within the iPaaS, allowing for simple migration and integration at launch.

What is Interaction Orchestration Platform?

The X in Interaction Orchestration Platform for experience is what makes DaVinci unique to the iPaaS industry. Many iPaaS platforms are backend solutions that automate business practices and share data across applications. We coined Interaction Orchestration Platform to fill a gap in the contact center industry that focused on the user experience of the agents and the customers.

An Interaction Orchestration Platform unlocks a world of infinite flexibility to make your contact center work like you need it to, without waiting to be a part of a vendor roadmap or pay for expensive custom development. Use the Interaction Orchestration Platform provided API to create solutions to business needs that are specific to your business.

How can I use an Interaction Orchestration Platform?

“Okay, sounds awesome. What do I do with it? How are other people using it?” is often the response I’d get at this point in a real conversation. I think the best way is to share some examples of how real customers are enhancing, extending or customizing our Interaction Orchestration Platform, DaVinci to solve challenges their contact centers are having, or simply bettering the experience for their customer service teams and end customers.

Customer care members can trigger a validation text message to a customer directly within their CRM

Secure payment integration for tolling company

Integration between Twilio and SAP CRM that allows toll company to submit credit card information that meets Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). A custom created DaVinci form was created for users to input credit card information through Twilio and bring the authorization to SAP CRM.

Custom built app extends DaVinci functionality

A well-known credit card company built a custom app for its sales assisted users that allows them to edit past call activities using a more custom UI, display business translation with more meaningful data to agents and match click-to-dial on all past entities, not just associated account due to the open framework DaVinci provides.

Hybrid environment

Integration between cloud and premise applications that comply with both GDPR and PII regulations helped a medical information contact center that targets clinical research organizations. Intelligent caller data is automatically cross-referenced to known customer data on the first ring, which allows clinical research organizations serving multiple clients to identify company, product and customer details in multi-tenant environments.

Incorporating 3rd party solution into agent UI

A third party chatbot was incorporating into the agent experience to augment the data presented when a call comes in. The chatbot works with any of the telephony apps DaVinci supports.

If any of these resonate with you, DaVinci can help you invent your ideal contact center.

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