The Next Major Workplace Shift: Returning to the Office

The Next Major Workplace Shift

As the world continues to make great strides in getting as many people as possible vaccinated against COVID-19, we are finally able to picture a return to in-person office work, marking the next major workplace shift. That means a lot of different things to many people. While many organizations have undoubtedly suffered maintaining call centers under quarantine, others may have found that remote work options help their agents succeed in this new landscape.

At AMC, we believe there is no fixed formula for call center success. Each one is different and we provide technologies that put you in charge of your own vision.

So with a promising and hopeful future just beginning to take shape, let’s look at a few scenarios where DaVinci can help your organization position for growth and prepare for future events.

“The Pandemic created chaos for our agents. Our premise technologies are now too big and too costly!”

Premise technologies and traditional CTI configurations have long been the norm in the contact center industry. DaVinci is iPaaS technology that enables development and control of integration flows to connect any combination of cloud and on-premise apps, and data between individual or multiple profiles.

“We fared much better than most but now we’re realizing our agents work much better with remote work options.”

Right out of the box, DaVinci is ready for cloud and hybrid configurations. AMC is focused on flexibility. So whether your agents are fully or partially remote, DaVinci is seamless and secure.

“We have outgrown our current solutions, but cannot afford any more disruptions to migrate to another option.”

For companies with special integration needs, DaVinci Workspace has all the power of DaVinci without embedding into a CRM. DaVinci Workspace supports channels from all different vendors, meaning you can build a custom contact center to fit your needs while future-proofing your organization.

Of all the lessons learned over the past year, one thing that rings true is that you don’t know what the future holds. Success in a post-COVID world will require careful planning for the unknown. With DaVinci, you can build the contact center of your dreams and protect it from future crises.

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