Should I use Service Cloud Voice or a CTI Adapter?

Service Cloud Voice or a CTI Adapter?

When deciding if you should use Service Cloud Voice or a CTI Adapter, there is much to consider.


What is Service Cloud Voice?

Service Cloud Voice is a cloud-based contact center solution developed by Salesforce that adds voice functionality to the Salesforce Service Cloud platform. It allows organizations to link their telephony systems to Salesforce and create a unified and streamlined contact center experience.


What is a CTI Adapter?

CTI (computer telephony integration) is a convenient integration that facilitates the connection between businesses’ contact center phone systems or CCaaS and Salesforce through the AppExchange package. With this web-based integration, agents can efficiently handle calls, chats, and various interactions directly within Salesforce, streamlining customer service operations with the use of a soft phone.


What is Service Cloud Voice integration powered by DaVinci?

DaVinci’s built-in integration seamlessly incorporates your phone system’s call controls within Salesforce, elevating agent work­flows and unlocking heightened efficiency for your entire customer service organization. For organizations already utilizing Avaya, Cisco or other premise.


Exploring Service Cloud Voice vs. CTI Adapters

Service Cloud Voice empowers agents to manage calls, texts, and digital interactions seamlessly within a unified platform, leveraging OmniChannel capabilities to enhance customer service delivery.

Choosing between Service Cloud Voice and a CTI Adapter hinges on your specific business needs and preferences.

If you require a comprehensive contact center solution with advanced functionalities such as real-time call transcription, sentiment analysis, and agent coaching, Service Cloud Voice could be the optimal choice. Built directly on the Salesforce platform, it offers seamless integration, facilitating streamlined workflows and easy access to customer data. Additionally, Salesforce handles maintenance automatically, alleviating the burden of manual updates for customers.

Conversely, if your focus is on telephony capabilities and you seek a simpler integration between phone systems and Salesforce, a CTI adapter may better suit your organization. While it provides basic features like integrated telephony, pop-up screen, click-to-dial, and call metrics, it may lack the breadth of advanced features and automation offered by Service Cloud Voice.


Why did we create DaVinci for Service Cloud Voice?

AMC Technology started contact center integration in 1995 and was even the first CTI provider on Salesforce AppExchange, so we’ve been providing Salesforce solutions for a long time. However, it wasn’t until we found there was no way to integrate many premise telephony channels like Avaya and Cisco to Service Cloud Voice, which could also enable advanced functionalities like real-time transcription. Transcription service compatibility connected with advanced AI functionality from Salesforce Einstein provides interactions tailored from your data and generated with AI.


What are the features of Service Cloud Voice for DaVinci?

  1. Receive real-time screen pops displaying relevant customer information before answering the call so agents can personalize interactions based on Salesforce Service Cloud data. Agents also have quick access to call controls and click-to-dial, increasing accuracy and efficiency, with less toggling between apps.
  2. With the assistance of DaVinci, Salesforce Service Cloud processes phone system call data to provide precise information, which proves invaluable in generating reports for supervisors. These data-driven insights empower supervisors to optimize performance through informed decisions.
  3. Transcription service compatibility connected with advanced AI functionality from Salesforce Einstein provides interactions tailored from your data and generated with AI for Intent, Next Best Actions and Recommendations for call wrap-ups. DaVinci’s out-of-the-box integration embeds your phone system’s call controls within Salesforce Service Cloud and enhances agent workflows, unlocking efficiency for your entire customer service organization.


Service Cloud Voice Integration for Avaya and Cisco

There are several different reasons why an organization may pick a CTI adapter or Service Cloud Voice; however, organizations needing integration for Avaya or Cisco phone systems, can still benefit from the power of Service Cloud Voice, powered by DaVinci.

Even if integration needs are the only items on your checklist today for agent insights, effort reduction and data accuracy, future proof your contact center knowing as you move into your journey you can easily add AI features like transcription and next best recommendations.

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