SAP’s Cloud Subscription Bundle, RISE with SAP

Last month, SAP officially announced RISE with SAP, a subscription-based bundling of cloud-services designed to help businesses migrate all their ERP processes to the cloud. The latest offering comes as a response to the difficulties many companies experienced attempting to maintain business operations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. By providing access to a full solution portfolio in the cloud, SAP describes the new model as a holistic “Business Transformation as a Service.”

In a year that has proven the need for flexibility and business resiliency, planning for future crises, and being prepared to move your business infrastructure completely online, SAP clearly recognizes the critical nature in getting businesses migrated to the cloud.

Why SAP + DaVinci?

AMC Technology partners with best-of-breed CRM and telephony providers to ensure that any contact center utilizing DaVinci can enjoy the best possible agent and customer experience possible. As an SAP certified platform partner, AMC is excited to offer a pre-built, SAP channel app in our cloud configuration tool, which means DaVinci customers can continue to enjoy the seamless integration with SAP solutions on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Here are 3 things you can do with SAP C4C+ DaVinci

  1. Integrate multiple applications in multiple environments.
    AMC has been a partner with SAP since 1997, integrating with SAP CRM products in on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. We currently integrate with the following SAP products.

    • SAP CRM 6.10, 6.20, 6.30, 2004 and 7.0
    • SAP R/3: 4.5 and 4.6
    • SAP ECC 6.0
    • mySAP™ CRM 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, 5.0, 2007 and 7.0
    • WinClient
    • Cloud for Customer (C4C)
  2. Customize your softphone with advanced CTI features and call controls.
    • Click-to-dial: This turns phone numbers within CRM into clickable links for agents to place outbound calls, eliminating the need for an agent to enter in a phone number manually.
    • Agent analytics: With automatic call and omni-channel logging with time stamps, agents can make knowledgeable decisions based on comprehensive and accurate data and access telephony and/ or omni-channel reporting directly within CRM.
    • Quick create: Quickly create configurable work items (i.e. leads, cases, accounts, etc.) directly within the toolbar.
    • Notes shortcut buttons: Add call notes within the toolbar and use configurable shortcut buttons for commonly noted items.
    • Blended agent: Configurable option that allows agents to handle both inbound and outbound calls and/ or activities in a seamless multi-channel experience. 
    • Contextual call controls: Telephony controls (like hold, warm transfer, blind transfer, conference, etc.) are presented based on the status of the call and are configurable based on the requirements of your contact center.
  3. Create new functionality without paying for custom development.
    • Our open architecture and APIs gives you the ability to build your vision with new or enhanced functionality without the stress of new development.

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