Not just another website launch: a personal reflection from marketing

AMC Website Launch

“I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of my brand new branding today! I invite you all to check it out and share in my excitement.”

This is not about this website launch. This is the caption of an Instagram post I stumbled upon from a former colleague a few months ago. As I read it, I couldn’t help but feel a mix of curiosity and skepticism. Having spent my entire career in the realm of marketing and branding, I was intrigued to see the final product she was revealing, but also questioned if I was the only other person with an itch to roll my eyes.

I was caught between two worlds: on one hand, my design background stirred a mild interest in her rebrand, on the other hand, a lingering thought persisted: “Does anyone really care about these details? Does her new edgy color scheme capture the general public’s attention?”

I wasn’t surprised at my cynicism, but for my own growth I’ve decided to reflect on that moment for her as a similar experience for myself in the launching of AMC’s new website. It is a bit of an unveiling of a milestone, both for AMC and myself and I super am proud that it is finally released into the world.


The Journey to our new Website’s Goals

While geeking out over colors and brand elements is enjoyable to me most days, and obviously hold significance for cohesion and identify, they didn’t take priority when we committed to rebuilding the AMC website. My primary goal was to ensure users understood how we help them solve their problems and providing them with the information necessary to convey this to their teams.

As an introverted Millennial, I embrace the shifts towards self-service and the decline in intrusive sales that we’re experiencing in the post-pandemic era; however, as a marketer, it’s a big unnerving when you’re suddenly a bit in the dark from information about website visitors.  I decided we had to adopt the mindset of both a 2023 marketer and empathize with our target audience.


Goals of the New Website:

  1. Highlight the pain-points and solutions that our recently extended DaVinci platform offers in a compelling manner.
  2. Revamp the navigation system to seamlessly align with a product-led and self-service approach, keeping in mind the valuable role that a sales representative would typically play.
  3. Craft content using plain language that is easily comprehensible, ensuring that our message resonates with our target audience.
  4. Restructure the content for simple navigation, emphasizing visitor needs rather than focusing on promoting our product.
  5. Provide accessible and strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons, allowing visitors to easily seek assistance from AMC if and when they choose to.

How we achieved our website goals (and dreams 😊)

Key features and benefits of the new website:

The new website simplifies the process of finding information about integration for users seeking details related to the CRM and communication platforms their organization needs with accessible demos, videos, and collateral.

Easy navigation and pain-point highlights:

The marketing team understands that different departments face unique challenges. The redesigned website offers intuitive navigation, allowing users to effortlessly access pages that address pain points specific to targeted industry leaders in customer service, sales and information technology.

User journey focused on self-service:

Recognizing the shift to self-service for technical details, the new website provides an enriched user journey that enables customers to find information related to security, onboarding, and support. Visitors will discover a dedicated section packed with resources like video tutorials, FAQs, and a comprehensive knowledge base.

Agent experience tour:

An immersive DaVinci Agent Experience Tour showcases the real-life application of its features. This addresses a common request from visitors for details on the look and feel for end users.

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It’s probably cliché to say, and perhaps a more junior, design-focused version of myself would be upset I didn’t spend more time contemplating graphics, but I’m super proud of the new user-centric website we’ve launched. I think it’s going to help users find the information they’re looking for and reach out to us if and when they’re ready.

So, taking a page out of my former coworker’s book: “I’m so excited. Our new website is launching today. Please go check it out!”

Thank you to everyone who helped, especially our small but mighty marketing team, Nora and Jess and the rest of the support from everyone at AMC!

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