Moving to the Cloud: 3 Contact Center Secrets

Is your contact center considering moving to the cloud? If you’re following the trends of the industry, you’re probably already in the process, or at least in the planning stages. We’ve learned from industry leaders and customers over the past 26 years in the contact center integration space, and we have 3 contact center secrets to share before you embark on a full or partial move to the cloud. These insights will help you make informed decisions and ensure a successful transition.

Consider solutions with pre-built integration applications before moving to the cloud

One part of moving to the cloud that is daunting is the integration aspect. There are many companies that offer integration with premise telephone system applications, but there aren’t as many options for integration with cloud telephone systems. Fortunately, DaVinci provides pre-built integration applications for popular cloud communication platforms like Amazon Connect, Twilio and Genesys Pure Cloud. However, DaVinci can also integrate to existing premise phone systems by providers like Avaya, Cisco, Aspect and more. So, DaVinci users can connect to premise, cloud or a hybrid situation. This also means you can connect to premise until you’re ready to move to the cloud, set it up and launch with little downtime.


Consider solutions that allow you to add custom/in-house built applications

What happens if you pick an app that your integration provider doesn’t have a pre-built application for? With DaVinci’s open framework and public APIs, you can build your own apps for the cloud solution you choose. This is especially helpful for organizations currently using a home-grown CRM, but ready to change to a best-of-breed. DaVinci allows you to stay on your home-grown solution, until you make the switch.

If you don’t have access to in-house developers or a relationship with your own developers, AMC providers developers to help! We can work with you to create the application you need, or extend functionality of existing ones to solve your contact center challenges.


Consider an iPaas for significant downtime before moving to the cloud

Although organizations can use CPaaS APIs to connect applications to CCaaS, integration happens after development, which can result in significant downtime. Integration platform as a service is a better option for organizations that want to streamline their contact center integration. iPaaS integrations happen simultaneously. CPaaS handles re-integration after a migration. iPaaS can also connect on-premise, cloud or a hybrid environment.

CCaaS and iPaaS offerings work together well because the iPaaS offers prebuilt connections between all needed applications. When it is time to deploy, all apps are already integrated. This enables migration and integration to

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