Making the Right Decisions to Meet Your Business Needs

Making the Right Decisions

As Salesforce expands and the number of AppExchange listings grows, customers seeking integrated communication solutions may find it challenging to determine which solution is right for them, making the right decision. Aligning business requirements with the right technical approach can be daunting, considering that Salesforce has made several communication touchpoints available – such as OpenCTI, Omni-Channel, Live Agent, and Service Console Toolkit API. The right direction is straightforward if you remember to focus on the functional problem you are trying to address or the business benefit you are trying to achieve. Technology is simply a tool to help your business run efficiently and effectively.

When you invest in a solution, you want to ensure that the partner you select is in it for the long haul. The last thing you want to do is purchase an answer from a vendor that is jumping on the bandwagon but will jump off just as quickly when things get too complicated or the technology changes. AMC Technology has been on AppExchange since 2007. We have a deep-rooted partnership with Salesforce and many other CRM and communication platform partners. Our experience is not limited to Salesforce CRM or cloud-based products but spans contact centers around the globe using many different technologies. We are dedicated to developing solutions that increase agent efficiency and improve the customer journey and have been focused on this since 1995: With experience comes wisdom.

AMC Technology can help you navigate the technology challenges to help you take advantage of the innovative tools available. With Contact Canvas’ open architecture, communication drivers and application adapters can be mixed and matched to maximize your current investments and take you where you want to go.

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