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Knowledge Workers

Often times when I’m asked what our software does, I talk about what we do for contact center agents.  It’s easy to explain the benefits of computer telephony integration for your agents, as everyone has a negative call center story they can share.  Endless call transfers and repeating information over and over again are easy ways to highlight how CTI can be a differentiator for customer service.  But if you want to have an even better customer experience, you not only need to involve the knowledge workers that exist across your enterprise, but you need to give them the same CTI capabilities you offer your agents. CTI-enabled workers can significantly improve customer service.

Call center agents are fundamental to the delivery of customer experience within a contact center; however, as the expectations of customers continue to increase, the need for support and knowledge from a variety of employees within the organization increases.  At the center of superior customer service stands the knowledge worker who provides creative problem solving, subject matter expertise and a focus on quality interactions. It’s not surprising that management teams value knowledge workers as some of their biggest assets, and allow them to make critical decisions for their companies.

Important CTI Features for Knowledge Workers

Additionally, empowering knowledge workers with contact center tools like click to dial and automated call logging increase efficiency and make sense for organizations that understand the customer experience is pivotal to customer retention and overall customer satisfaction.  Asking customers to repeat information that was already provided is a sign that your organization that isn’t considerate of their customers’ time.  It’s important to provide all customer touch points with call context to avoid customer frustration; it’s especially critical for knowledge workers who are not typically handling general inquiries but rather customer escalations or specialized tasks. From an operations perspective, saving time with fewer clicks reduces overall handling time and automated activity reporting reduces after call work and errors that impact actionable reporting.

Anyone that makes and takes calls and works within a business application can benefit from computer telephony integration.  The user experience for knowledge workers is similar to that of agents with only a few differences: typically, they do not login to a queue so there is no work mode to set for agent availability, and inbound screen-pop options are limited to DNIS and ANI.   Screen-pop on DNIS and ANI, however, still allows the knowledge worker to quickly identify the caller and the context of the call.  Having telephony controls within CRM makes call handling easier than toggling between applications or fumbling with a hardphone.  AMC’s DaVinci platform provides a cost effective way to extend contact center functionality beyond the traditional contact center.


Adopting an Enterprise Routing Strategy

A great way to include your knowledge workers in your customer service strategy, is to support the routing of interactions across the enterprise.   DaVinci supports routing of interactions like voice, SMS, and webchats beyond the contact center.  If an agent needs specialized assistance, they can use the routing capabilities of DaVinci to find the best expert across the company.  DaVinci works with routing engines like Twilio’s TaskRouter or Nexmo’s CommsRouter to go beyond the walls of your contact center.

For a more detailed description of enterprise routing, check out our guest blog with Twilio – Twilio Flex and Salesforce Integration Made Easy With DaVinci

Including Knowledge Workers in the Conversation

You may not call the subject matter experts knowledge workers in your organization but I guarantee they exist and are providing support for customer interactions; if you’re considering CTI don’t forget to include knowledge workers in the conversation!  Knowledge workers can make the difference between mediocre customer service and superior customer service.


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