Is it time to move to the Cloud?

move to the Cloud Migrating from Premise to Cloud

Why is now the time to move to cloud?

The time to move to the cloud has never been more compelling. According to TalkDesk, cloud contact centers offer cost savings of 27% and experience 35% less downtime compared to on-premise solutions. Deloitte reports that by the end of 2022, a staggering 75% of contact centers have plans to transition to the cloud. This shift aligns with customer preferences, as Ameyo reveals that 57% of customers prefer to engage with companies through digital channels like email and social media rather than relying solely on voice-based customer support. Embracing cloud technology empowers organizations to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and meet the evolving demands of customers in the digital age.

Staying ahead of the game

Requiring no scheduling maintenance windows or regression testing with third-party apps, cloud contact center vendors can deliver software updates with a speed unmatched by premise vendors.

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How does DaVinci help move you to the cloud?

Move at your own pace

Transform from a point-to-point integrated contact center whether you’re fully on premise or partially in the cloud) to a fully conversational organization. Agents can move over time or all at once…you set the pace of your transformation.

Add new channels gradually

Adding multiple new channels for your agents to use at once can be disruptive. Add channels like chat, email, text and more gradually to a voice-only platform to help your agents adjust to a new channel, while maintaining their familiar way to handle voice.

Compose your ideal agent experience

DaVinci’s low code / no code approach let’s you see your vision in action. Take on use cases as varied as payment processing to mobile app integration. DaVinci is the ideal composable contact center experience.

Keep configurations during migration

DaVinci’s Creators Studio carries the configurations from your premise environment over to your new cloud applications, so if your agents have pre-configurable call notes or speed dials they won’t lose them during the migration.

What about my PBX/UC solution?

With the average agent spending less time using UC voice services and PBX software releases becoming few and far between with minimal new features, a cloud contact center migration can help gain a larger return. 

Invest in the future

Migrating to a cloud-based contact center is a necessary step in order to take advantage of AI-powered features and functionalities, which will become mainstream more rapidly than some expect. 

Partnering with DaVinci can make this transition a positive and empowering experience for your contact center with expert knowledge and guidance to ensure every customer interaction is strong.

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