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DaVinci Workspace

Here at AMC Technology, we try to develop solutions that address current and real-world contact center challenges. Most out-of-the-box CTI solutions have many of the same features and functionality and a long list of compliance restrictions and proprietary limitations. That leaves contact centers in a position of having to choose CTI tools based on the sacrifices they’ll have to maintain business operations. That’s why we built DaVinci, an open-architecture CTI solution that is essentially bound only by your own creativity. We’re taking things a step further with our latest offering, DaVinci Workspace!

What is DaVinci Workspace?

Like our flagship DaVinci product, DaVinci Workspace is a platform integrator that allows customer representatives to jump start an interaction using integrated workflows to achieve first contact resolution within a single pane of glass experience. With DaVinci Workspace, however, Contact Centers can experience the power of DaVinci without embedding directly into a CRM solution. This answers similarly complex contact center challenges for two targeted groups – small to medium-sized businesses who utilize in-house, custom-built applications yet still need out-of-the-box integration solutions, and enterprise customers who need to pull data from multiple channels or want to create specific workflows.

Great! But what does that mean?

DaVinci Workspace provides users the ability to integrate applications contact centers are already using with in-house applications, providing ability to define business workflows for an ideal agent experience and add cloud channels like SMS, chat, etc. whenever they want. Let’s break it down further. With DaVinci Workspace, Contact Centers are enabled to:

  1. Easily integrate homegrown or external applications with their telephony channel For SMBs who have custom-built, in-house CRM solutions and features like screen pop, etc., integrating with a major telephony system can require long and costly development resources. DaVinci Workspace takes the place of that heavy lifting from your development team.
  1. Integrate information from multiple applications in order to migrate to a different CRM Let’s say your company is planning to migrate from a home-grown CRM to a major market solution like Salesforce, Dynamics, etc. Because DaVinci Workspace can pull information from multiple applications, you can migrate solutions without any downtime.
  1. Use with any communication channel We’re used to embedded toolbars in popular CRMs, but many of the communication platforms are developing proprietary features that allow them to “own the desktop.” To be the center of the user experience universe. They’re creating work spaces that are centered around their communication stack with a framework for other non-channel capabilities. Here’s where DaVinci Workspace really shines.  We have a workspace that supports channels from all different vendors.  You want to build a workspace around Avaya premise? Sure! Amazon Connect? Sure! Want to combine chat from Twilio while using Cisco premise? Sure!  We can do this with all the same DaVinci Apps that are available today.

We built DaVinci because we don’t want you to have to wait for a software company’s roadmap to rely on professional services or lengthy heavy development projects. Build the contact center that fits your business while working with the applications you’re already using. Get started with DaVinci Workspace!


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