How to Select and Measure the Right KPIs for Your Contact Center

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Although many contact center managers will argue there are certain KPIs every contact center should consider measuring, because each contact center operates differently, the KPIs most important to each business are often unique. How do you know which KPIs are vital to the fitness of your contact center?

6 steps to selecting the right KPIs for your contact center:

  1. Identify the KPIs that are most parallel with your business objectives and overall strategy.
  2. Decide which data will contribute to the KPI calculations and how that data will be compiled
  3. Define the specific targets for each KPI being measured
  4. Determine the steps needed to obtain each goal or target
  5. Develop a plan to increase your KPIs if the goals are not being reached during interval benchmark testing
  6. Evaluate the final KPIs in order to understand what changes need to be made to run a more efficient contact center

As mentioned in the steps above, measuring your KPIs accurately are important for determining which decisions need to be made to run the most efficient contact center possible. Luckily, there are several tools your organization can use to ensure the measurements are accurate and up to date.

Tools to effectively measure your KPIs:

  • Call center software that integrates reporting – In order to give your team the data they need, when they need it, the most essential tool in your contact center for reporting is the software that integrates real-time and accurate reporting.
  • Real time reporting dashboard – a real-time dashboard for agents to view how they compar to other agents. In an ideal world, the dashboard would also show an average of how the entire contact center is performing in comparison to individual agents.
  • Real-time metrics dashboard for managers – managers should have access to the KPIs to help make data driven decisions for the contact center.
  • Call monitoring dashboard – all call center supervisors should have access to call monitoring capability to analyze interaction quality and obtain data for measuring first call resolution.

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