How DaVinci is Shaking up the Contact Center Industry

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It’s Unheard-Of: How DaVinci is Shaking up the Contact Center Industry

We’ve got something unheard of in the contact center industry: an infinitely flexible platform. While many organizations boast flexible capability, you’re likely still stuck with their product. DaVinci opens the door for organizations to use whatever communication or CRM solutions they want, while still giving them the flexibility to change them on the fly, without sacrificing the ability to embed them within the CRM they are currently using.

So, why should you care?


  1. Have complete control of modifications to the agent’s UI

If you choose any other contact center integration provider in the contact center industry right now, you can adjust the UI slightly with configuration; however, it cannot be completely modified like DaVinci’s platform. DaVinci gives organizations complete control to customize or add new functionality of your solution as it rolls out to different end-users

  1. Change communication or CRM integration solutions quickly

If your organization is currently using one communication channel and then decides to migrate to a different one, DaVinci allows you to do this with a simple configuration change. For example, you’ve been using Avaya for 10 years and decide to switch to Twilio, with DaVinci you can make this change quickly, with little downtime.

  1. Use DaVinci workspace and integrate with any communication channel on the market

Now, if you’re familiar with the industry, you may argue that Twilio Flex and Avaya Workspaces allow you to change the agent’s experience through configuration; however, you’re limited to only working with that communication infrastructure. So, like the example in point 2, if you choose to migrate from Avaya to Twilio, you have to change your integration workspace solution. DaVinci Workspace can go across any communication infrastructure (i.e. Cisco, Avaya, Twilio, Genesys, Amazon Connect, etc.).

  1. Get benefits of a fully customized agent UI, that can still be embedded into the CRM your agents are familiar with

As we’ve seen more and more contact center solutions shift to pushing agents to have to use their platform as the primary desktop UI, DaVinci Workspace still gives the benefits of a custom designed UI; however, it can be embedded within the CRM platform the agent is already used to working in.

  1. Extend the power of any CRM or communication channel

DaVinci’s platform is the only one designed to work with any communication or CRM application and be modified quickly for each and every customer use case needed.


Still don’t get it?

Here are some example scenarios we’ve worked on for our customers with this infinitely flexible solution.

Secure payment integration

Integration between Twilio and SAP CRM that allows toll company to submit credit card information that meets Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). A custom created DaVinci form was created for users to input credit card information through Twilio and bring the authorization to SAP CRM.

Custom built app extends DaVinci functionality

A well-known credit card company built a custom app for its sales-assisted users that allowed them to edit past call activities using a more custom UI, display business translation with more meaningful data to agents, and match click-to-dial on all past entities, not just associated account due to the open framework DaVinci provides.

Hybrid environment

Integration between cloud and premise applications that comply with both GDPR and PII regulations has revolutionized the contact center industry, benefiting a medical information contact center that targets clinical research organizations. Intelligent caller data is automatically cross-referenced to known customer data on the first ring, which allows clinical research organizations serving multiple clients to identify company, product, and customer details in multi-tenant environments.

Incorporating 3rd party solution into agent UI

A third party chatbot was incorporating into the agent experience to augment the data presented when a call comes in. The chatbot works with any of the telephony apps DaVinci supports.

DaVinci provides Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to a library of pre-built applications + Interaction Orchestration Platform built specifically for contact centers in the contact center industry. As contact center needs evolve, organizations need to have access to extend or create new functionality, without waiting to be a part of a software roadmap. Get the benefits of CTI within your CRM, like screen pop, click-to-dial, screen transfer, speed dial, and more, but future-proof your contact center so you can expand and integrate how and when you want.

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