Going Beyond the Fixed Feature Mindset with DaVinci

beyond the Fixed Feature Mindset
Most of you know DaVinci as a hybrid contact center solution that integrates contact center with CRM platforms, but did you know that DaVinci is actually so much more? We’re an Interaction Orchestration platform that lets you go way beyond the fixed feature mindset, empowering you to explore new possibilities and unlock untapped potential.

What does this mean for AMC?

Three years ago at an offsite planning meeting in Boston, our founder and CTO, Anthony “Tony” Uliano and lead developer Praveen Ravela realized a gap in the integration offerings for the contact center industry. What if contact centers could choose any combination of solutions they needed, including custom solutions not yet developed, and still provide a “single pane of glass” user experience?

A year and a half later DaVinci was released! Excited to share the capabilities of our new extended flagship product, the AMC team celebrated alongside ecstatic customers who now had a path to achieve their individual call center vision. Yet, somehow the marketplace still recognized DaVinci side-by-side with competitors who only offered the traditional point-to-point integration methods.

So after a bit of research and a better understanding of why our offering truly stands out, AMC is once again excited to approach the marketplace, but not as a fixed call center solution. DaVinci is a robust integration service with an open architecture to support any tool your contact center needs to make meaningful connections between you and your customers – in the cloud, on-premise or both! In fact, DaVinci is the only interaction orchestration platform  designed specifically for contact centers.

So, what is an interaction orchestration platform?

In the past call centers integrated their CRM and telephony tools with custom point-to-point (or integration-to-integration) solutions, or through expansive middleware that were often custom built and came with high costs in both time and money. These older integration models were not flexible or scalable enough for modern organizations to keep up with the volume and variety of applications needed to run a successful contact center today.

Integration platform as a service is a hosted offering where a third-party provider delivers the infrastructure and/or middleware that manages and integrates the organization’s applications. In today’s hybrid, multi-cloud, multi-application world, organizations need a robust system that can support any number of users, communication channels and integrations, so interaction orchestration platform is a great way to leverage maximum scalability, flexibility, and future-proof your organization.

What makes interaction orchestration platforms so appealing right now?

  • Cloud is changing the way we conduct business and making it essential for organizations to have an interaction orchestration platform to bring together numerous systems. For example, your organization may require Salesforce CRM with a premise telephony, like Avaya with custom built chat requirements from Twilio.
  • In traditional point-to-point integrations, organizations either didn’t have access to what they needed or would have to pay for lengthy custom development. With DaVinci, going beyond the fixed feature mindset, offers a self-service interaction orchestration platform that enables organizations to easily create or integrate custom solutions in-house, saving considerable time and money.
  • A self-service interaction orchestration platform like DaVinci provides organizations with scalability to grow and adapt to a rapidly evolving technological landscape. For example, if your organization decides to change phone systems from premise to cloud, migrate to a different CRM or even build custom applications, an open framework offers limitless possibilities.

How is DaVinci’s interaction orchestration model unique for contact centers?

We believe contact centers shouldn’t have to change the way they work simply because a vendor can’t provide the tools you need out-of-the-box. DaVinci is a specialized interaction orchestration platform for contact centers, not a fixed feature approach to integration.

With an extensive library of pre-built apps that integrate with the leading, best-of-breed CRM and CMS applications, DaVinci is a powerful solution right out-of-the-box. As an open framework interaction orchestration platform however, we encourage contact centers to extend our solution without sacrificing a seamless, single pane of glass experience. Whether you choose to use a third-party development company, do it in-house or work with AMC’s professional services team is up to you.

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