Future-Proof Your Tech Stack: Why bring DaVinci into your CTI project before adding new endpoints?


Picture a tech-savvy customer approaching us in the early planning stages of their CTI project. They were integrating SAP, moving from on-premise telephony (Cisco) to the dynamic CCaaS Five9 platform, and eager to incorporate DaVinci into their call center. However, due to timelines and budget constraints, they had to delay the DaVinci implementation. But fear not! We had a solution to ensure their migration to Five9 would be a breeze.

You might be wondering, “Why involve us early on?” Here’s the deal: We’re CTI experts, ready to work our magic before the migration kicks off. But really, we’re just technology agnostic with only your goals in mind because we can integrate them all! You take the driver’s seat and we’ll buckle up and give side-seat driver instructions (where needed). Plus, collaborate with us in the planning phases to understand where you can even create custom applications that meet problems to your unique problems, without losing the seamless agent experience.

So, why is it helpful to bring in AMC Technology before migrating or adding endpoints to your CTI project?

Computer Telephony Integration Agnosticism: Your Goals, Your Choice

At our core, we prioritize your end goals over the specific technology you choose for your contact center. Our agnostic approach means we’re flexible with whatever technologies you use – as long as they work for you. Our main aim is to create the best possible technology environment and customer experience tailored to your unique needs. Unlike many other CTI providers, we don’t push a specific CRM or phone system just to sell a product. We’re here to orchestrate the endpoints that align with your objectives.

In today’s landscape, this sets us apart. By embracing an agnostic technology approach, we enable businesses to focus on being truly customer-centric. Free from technological constraints, you can swiftly adapt to changing customer needs and preferences, providing personalized experiences that resonate with your target audience. The result? Increased customer satisfaction, heightened loyalty, and a significant competitive advantage that elevates your brand above the rest.

Platform Agnostic Technology

Streamlined CRM or Phone System Migration: Less Agent Training, More Efficiency

In the opening example, our customer was able to kickstart their DaVinci experience even before fully migrating to the new CCaaS platform. How did we achieve this? By leveraging the power of pre-built connectors and APIs, commonly found in many CTI solutions, like we have with DaVinci. These nifty tools act as intermediaries between the telephony system or CCaaS and other leading contact center software, allowing data and commands to flow effortlessly.

The true beauty of this approach lies in its simplicity. With DaVinci smoothly integrated into their existing telephony/ CCaaS and CRM setup, our customer’s agents could start training on the new system without the need for an immediate shift. And when the migration to Five9 eventually took place, it was a seamless process. Agents continued working with the same user interface they were already familiar with, minimizing disruptions and creating a smoother transition.

The result? Less disruption for agents, translating to reduced frustration and turnover. With minimal training and maximum efficiency, our streamlined migration strategy delivered tangible benefits, ensuring our customer’s business operated at its best.

Decisions Made Easy: You Might Need to Build AND Buy. No Problem!

When it comes to choosing between building or buying solutions, we’ve got your back. Our platform offers an out-of-the-box solution that ensures seamless compatibility between all your systems. We analyze your phone system and CRM software, providing tailor-made solutions that guarantee seamless integration.

With our expert guidance, you can confidently decide whether to build or buy based on your specific needs. Buying a solution makes sense when there are off-the-shelf proven integrations available. This option accelerates time-to-market, allowing your contact center to focus on its core differentiators. Additionally, buying a solution is beneficial when you face overwhelming internal requests, wish to avoid trial and error, or lack the expertise for strategic product management or software development.

However, DaVinci’s beauty lies in offering the best of both worlds. Our platform seamlessly combines out-of-the-box integration apps for common challenges with custom solutions built using our low-code model. So, if you encounter unique customer experience problems or need to integrate with homegrown CRMs, we’ve got you covered. The result? Data flows effortlessly, and your operations run smoother than ever.

With DaVinci by your side, making the right build or buy decisions becomes a breeze, leaving you with a well-integrated and customer-focused solution. Embrace the power of DaVinci and watch your business flourish!


Simplifying Integration Complexity: CTI Solutions at Your Service

When it comes to integration complexity, our Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), DaVinci has got your back. We offer valuable solutions designed to streamline communication between telephony systems and other software applications. How do we do it? By providing standardized interfaces and pre-built connectors, we ensure a seamless flow of data and a centralized management approach. This, in turn, results in real-time data syncing, minimal manual intervention, and a significant reduction in errors.

Our CTI solutions also come with customization options, allowing us to tailor the perfect fit for your specific business needs without overcomplicating things. Worried about integration failures? Fear not, as our integration testing and vendor support ensure a smooth sailing process, minimizing any hiccups along the way. Plus, as your business grows, our CTI scales with you, meaning fewer updates and replacements, and ultimately, keeping integration complexity at bay. Embrace simplicity and efficiency with our CTI solutions, and watch your organization thrive.

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