Enhance Customer Experiences: Integrate Salesforce Service Cloud Voice & Avaya With DaVinci

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

DaVinci’s out-of-the-box integration embeds Avaya call controls within Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and enhances agent workflows, unlocking efficiency for your entire customer service organization. 


Boost Customer Interactions 

      Receive real-time screen pops displaying relevant customer information before answering the call so agents can personalize interactions based on Salesforce data. Agents also have quick access to call controls and click-to-dial, increasing accuracy and efficiency, with less toggling between apps. 

Unlock Actionable Insights

      Avaya call data processed by Salesforce through the help of DaVinci delivers accurate information that can be used in reporting for supervisors to make data-driven decisions to optimize performance.

Transform with AI

      Transcription service compatibility connected with advanced AI functionality from Salesforce Einstein provides interactions tailored from your data and generated with AI for Intent, Next Best Actions, and Recommendations for call wrap-ups. 

DaVinci Architecture Avaya BYOT + Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Why choose AMC Technology?

  •  Unparalleled experience makes our solutions more reliable
  • Salesforce and Avaya partnerships for over 20 years
  •  Founded in 1995, AMC has actual contact center experience with both enterprise and small to midsized customers. 
  • Customers in over 30 countries, from Australia and Zimbabwe to Canada and Mexico. 
  • DaVinci’s interaction orchestration platform allows customers to extend, enhance and customize DaVinci to solve contact center challenges
  • Level 1 Security Trust Assurance and Risk Certification with Cloud Security Alliance.

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