Employee Spotlight: Anthony X. Uliano, Founder of AMC

founder of AMC

With 20 years of experience AMC is a global leader in Telephone and CRM integration, and powers contact centers throughout the world with our award winning software Contact Canvas. However, AMC’s success didn’t happen overnight so we sat down with Anthony X. Uliano, CTO and Founder of AMC, to talk about his motivators and any advice he has for graduating students.

How old were you when you had your first paying job? And what was the job?

When I was 13, I answered an ad for someone looking for help with yard maintenance over the summer. When I got there he had me using all these hand tools, even though he had a full shed of power tools. He said I needed to prove I knew how to work hard before he’d let me take the easy route. He only let me take 15 minutes for lunch and two water breaks. By the third day, after I spent 4 hours using a hand sickle to clear a field of high grass, I told him I couldn’t continue. He said “I figured you weren’t going to be a hard worker.” I still think to this day, I’m trying to prove him wrong.

What is the best customer service experience you’ve ever had?

I purchased my first Fitbit Aria scale back in 2012, but after owning it for a little over a year it stopped working. I reached out to customer support, who were excellent to deal with. Even though the warranty had expired, they offered to send me another scale, free of charge. A few weeks ago, that replacement scale also stopped operating and once again I reached out to customer support. Again, they quickly offered me a replacement scale. That’s two free replacement scales in 3 years. It doesn’t’ speak well to their product quality, but their customer support more than makes up for it.

Who is your hero and why?

Being in the software industry, I feel a little clichéd saying this, but it’s Bill Gates. He spent the early part of his career, seeing opportunities and chasing the ones he was most passionate about. His brilliance, success, and impact he’s had on the world is inspiring. His contribution to humanity far exceeds any accomplishments he achieved through Microsoft and that’s why he’s my hero.

What advice would you have for graduating college students?

Don’t expect to plan out your entire future in college. Careers are all about pivoting; doing something you love, and letting opportunities that come your way and interest you, shape your next direction. Anyone that tells you they had it all figured out in college, is just too scared to admit they don’t have a clue about what’s next. Just do what you enjoy and be open to exploring new opportunities that excite you.

What is your proudest AMC achievement?

If I had to pick one event I’m most proud of it would have to be reaching our 20th year. Everyone at AMC works so hard every day to make sure our customers and partners are successful, our products are cutting edge, and we’re giving back to the community. We’re so focused and heads down! When our 20th year came around it was such an incredible milestone; to know we have been adding value for 20 years!

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