Continuing our Mission: Thoughts on the Industry’s Future from our Founder, Anthony Uliano

Continuing our Mission

Earlier this month InGenius Software announced they were being acquired by Upland Software.The acquisition of InGenius will have an impact on the niche industry of CRM and contact center integration. AMC is committed to continuing our mission of enhancing customer service in a quickly evolving technical landscape. By integrating InGenius’s innovative solutions, we will further empower businesses to improve their customer service efforts. Together, we will continue the mission of providing exceptional support and seamless integration solutions, ensuring that businesses can adapt to changing customer needs and deliver outstanding experiences.

AMC Technology and InGenius are two of a handful of companies that focus on the CRM and contact center integration space with an open platform product offering rather than just services.

Businesses looking to deploy CRM applications, like Salesforce, within their contact center can either build a custom solution or purchase something prebuilt. Most businesses start their search by talking with the vendor of their contact center platform. Although many CCaaS and CTI companies do offer their own integration, it typically comes with an array of limitations.

Typically, the integration has limited or dated functionality, offered primarily to sell more licenses of their core products, and it comes with limited support for bug fixes and enhancements as customers’ needs evolve. CRM systems are advancing quickly and the ways in which businesses interact with customers is evolving even faster. Businesses need a solution that lets them use their CRM system to fullest extent, while also supporting a mix of best of breed channels to accomplish their customer service goals.

Bringing People Together Through Great Interactions

That’s where a company like AMC comes in. Our mission is to bring people together through great interactions and we do that by building solutions that give businesses the most flexibility and capabilities in their customer service investments. Our platform supports a wide variety of CRM applications and contact center platforms, both premise and cloud-centric. Businesses are free to implement their customer service vision without being restricted by a limited feature set or single platform restrictions.

Since our inception in 1995, AMC has been committed to helping people connect by improving interactions between agents, customers, businesses, and communities. We accomplish this by a continuous investment in innovative solutions that solve contact center challenges. We have been fortunate enough to see the trends, like CCaaS growth and CRM advancements early, and created our DaVinci platform to handle use cases businesses have today and in the future.

Rapidly Changing Contact Center Landscape

The contact center landscape is changing rapidly, especially with the move to hybrid and cloud-centric offerings, and contact center companies are having a hard time keeping pace. For months, InGenius had been looking for an investor to help fund a new cloud-centric platform that would support the changing market.

The news of their acquisition was bittersweet for me. I found myself sometimes focusing too much on what the competition was doing, but they pushed us to do better, and stood next to us in the belief that an open platform approach was the best way to serve businesses. I wish Dale and Rich, the husband and wife founders of InGenius, all the best as we continue our mission in our contact center industry.

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