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How The DaVinci Platform Can Help You Get Through This Crisis

Call center support is critical in time like this. The are the voice of an organization. People want to talk or chat with a live person to resolve an issue or get assistance with their concerns. It is reassuring to be able to reach a real person during this crisis and get an immediate response because let’s be honest, these are scary times.

People today have several concerns related to the crisis. They range from locating their nearest COVID-19 testing centers to finding ways they can donate resources to local efforts and include everything in between. Others may require non-essential communication with companies to modify existing services or reservations as their needs or plans change.

The evolving needs during this pandemic are causing organizations with call centers to find new ways to adapt to what is quickly becoming the “new normal.” Companies with call centers or organizations that have to create call center solutions in a hurry are being propelled forward by their need to respond to COVID-19.

Working From Home

Many companies have already implemented solutions that allow their employees to work from home. However, those who have not transitioned to working from home already are quickly trying to implement solutions to get their call center employees up and running from their home offices.

Other companies experiencing a reduction in call volume are reallocating some of their at-home call center resources to lend support to local governments. These trained call center employees are providing locations for COVID testing, following up on test results, and even contacting those who have been exposed to alert them that they should also be tested.

AMC Technology is here to support call centers that need to set up their employees so that they can work from home. Through the use of our cloud-based DaVinci platform, companies can utilize on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid solutions. We can also modify existing call center configurations allowing these centers to reallocate a portion or all of a call center’s resources to support local governments or crisis response. AMC Technology is a leader in call center technology integrations, and we can implement your desired solution in a matter of hours.

Pop Up Call Center

Despite the disruption at the heart of this crisis, new call centers are popping up to meet emerging concerns. The new call centers around the US include:

• Centers to support growing unemployment claims
• Small mom and pop call centers for local businesses offering deliveries or supporting civic duties
• Nonprofit call centers designed to take donations of food, money, or other resources to help those on the front lines fighting COVID-19

Many of these organizations are looking for fast and easy solutions that can be implemented quickly. Creating popup call centers with the use of DaVinci workspaces or DaVinci contact center to support testing awareness, access to unemployment insurance, remote learning opportunities, or new nonprofits looking to support this pandemic is as easy as pressing a few buttons. These solutions can be implemented in hours for most organizations. Our solutions are entirely scalable, whether you have 4 users or 4000. DaVinci is a fantastic option for those who need seamless integrations in a stable environment.

Adding Agents To Existing Call Center

While demand in some industries is on the decline, others can’t keep up with their call volume. Cruise lines, airlines, and hotels are quickly adding agents to their existing call center to support increased call volume from customers changing or canceling current reservations. Customers already using the DaVinci platform can add users in just a few moments and get them up and running without missing a beat.

The Benefits & Partners Of DaVinci

The best part about DaVinci isn’t that it is a simple solution that is fast and easy implementation. DaVinci offers a single pane of glass that you can use to view your call center technology. It also requires almost no training to use.

DaVinci allows you to create, repurpose, or expand any call center in a matter of hours through our cloud or hybrid solutions. Our premise solutions take more time, but using DaVinci allows you to access your on-premise technology from anywhere, anytime.

The DaVinci Platform has ready-made integrations for:

Microsoft Dynamics
Twilio Flex
Genesys PureCloud
• Nexmo
• Skype for Business

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