Amazon Connect & Microsoft Dynamics Integration for Call and Contact Centers

amazon connect and dynamics

AMC Technology’s DaVinci is a solution that offers integration capabilities for Amazon Connect & Microsoft Dynamics, catering to contact centers of any size. DaVinci serves as a connector between these two platforms, enabling seamless communication and data exchange between them.

What is Amazon Connect? What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Amazon Connect, a product extension of Amazon’s in-house contact center software, launched in 2017. Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact center solution that gives customers the tools they want to customize the solutions without extensive development resources.  

Launched in 2016, Microsoft Dynamics 365 was developed to manage relationships by streamlining administrative processes in your sales, marketing, and service divisions in the cloud. It’s predecessor, Microsoft Dynamics CRM originally launched in 2003.  

Integrating Amazon Connect with Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables your employees to innovate new experiences for your customers. So where does AMC Technology’s DaVinci fit in?   

Amazon Connect, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and DaVinci Integration

DaVinci is a powerful, turnkey CTI platform that lets contact centers agents and their customers have more delightful interactions. Call centers looking to incorporate features and functionality beyond what is out-of-the-box can integrate Microsoft Dynamics, Amazon Connect and other apps they use, but can extend, enhance or customize DaVinci’s out-of-the-box offering with little to no coding with DaVinci Inventor.  

Integrating Amazon Connect and Microsoft Dynamics 365 with DaVinci provides: 

Flexible environment 

DaVinci is perfect for organizations who have cloud, premise or a hybrid environment and are looking for support to install and maintain integration apps  

Powerful turnkey CTI 

Integrating your contact center with DaVinci gives users features like screen pop, click-to-dial, call notes, enhanced activity logging and more   

Strict compliancy & security 

DaVinci doesn’t process or maintain any customer information in the cloud and follows secure communication protocols (HTTPS/SSL and AES-256)  

Extend the Power of Microsoft Dynamics & Amazon Connect with DaVinci

DaVinci makes your agents’ job simple with computer telephony integration features that save time, increase productivity and support personalization

Screen pop 

See customer info based on the phone number or IVR data before answering

Click to dial  

Turns phone fields in your CRM into clickable links for outbound interactions

Contextual call controls  

Controls are presented based on call status and/ or your requirements

Enhanced call logging  

Pre-populated activity logs ensure accurate reporting for smarter business decisions

Omni channel  

Seamlessly integrate chat, SOS video, social, standard/ custom objects, 3rd party work items & more

AMC Technology’s DaVinci Supports Microsoft Dynamics Solutions 

Hosted and On Premise, Microsoft Dynamics Unified Service Desk (USD), Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013  

← See video of SAP Sales Cloud & Amazon Connect integration with DaVinci

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