5 Ways DaVinci Transforms Your Contact Center Experience

5 Ways DaVinci Transforms Your Contact Center Experience

Throughout AMC Technology’s life, we have been lucky enough to work in many different verticals and solve our customers’ unique problems.  The next hill we are helping contact centers  climb is the move to the cloud. Ready to move to the cloud, but not sure where to start? Let me, David Grant, Account Executive & Cloud Enthusiast at AMC, share with you 5 ways DaVinci transforms your contact center experience

Baby steps

Our first way is through baby steps. With DaVinci, your organization does not need to move to the cloud right away. We know that you have spent much time in energy on your premise telephony systems, and we want you to leverage those investments while you look for the proper application and product to replace them. After selecting the cloud product, you’d like to move towards, we will partner with you to make that transition seamless for your agents. We are looking to provide your organization with options for integrations, not obligations to any particular combination.

Configuration migrations: easy like Sunday morning

We know how much time and energy went towards configuring your premise applications user settings in DaVinci. Using DaVinci’s creator’s studio, we will be able to carry those configurations over to your new application. So if you have pre configurable call notes your agents use frequently or numbers they call often, we can ensure that those settings carry from one DaVinci application to the next. As Lionel Richie once so eloquently said, it’s Easy Like Sunday Morning.

Premise and cloud and hybrid, Oh my!

One aspect of moving to the cloud is the integration aspect of things. Many companies offer integration with premise telephony applications, but there aren’t as many options for integrating with Cloud telephony. Fortunately, we have pre-built applications and integrations for popular cloud telephony providers, including Amazon Connect, Twilio, and Genesys Pure Cloud.

Options, not obligations

What happens if you pick an application that we do not have a pre-build application for? Previously I mentioned that DaVinci gives you options, not obligations. With DaVinci, our open framework and public APIs enable you to build apps for the cloud solution you choose! You’re also able to work with our developers and team here at AMC Technology to build out the solution. We strive to have a collaborative relationship with your customers, which is another way we do that.

-30 seconds per call, how bout dat?

Last but not least, we will place all of your agent’s work items within a single pane of glass. We will eliminate musical chairs and dual monitors for your agents. We have seen this approach cut customer call times by 30 seconds per call.

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