DaVinci Integration for Genesys Cloud & Salesforce

DaVinci Integration for Genesys Cloud & Salesforce

Given the timing of two key events, the Salesforce Annual Conference – Dreamforce 2019 a few weeks ago and AMC’s validation of our DaVinci integration for Genesys Cloud this week, I think it’s the perfect time to share the top 5 things you can do with DaVinci integration for Genesys Cloud and Salesforce.

By leveraging the powerful DaVinci Integration for Genesys Cloud & Salesforce, organizations can unlock advanced customer service capabilities within their CRM ecosystem. While this article primarily highlights the integration with Salesforce and Genesys Cloud, it’s important to note that similar benefits can be achieved with other CRM applications like Microsoft Dynamics, SAP C4C, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.

Genesys Cloud is an all-in-one cloud-based contact center software built to improve the customer experience. Genesys Cloud acts as a central hub for all customer interactions via SMS, email, voice call, or even social media. AMC Technology’s DaVinci is also a cloud-based platform that allows customers the best of breed capabilities to integrate CRM and contact center applications. DaVinci supports both premise and cloud contact center platforms and allows you to integrate those platforms through a variety of CRM systems.

Customers choose DaVinci when they wish to leverage their existing communication infrastructure, combine best of breed channels from both premise and cloud, and achieve deep integration with their CRM system. Now let’s get right into the 5 top things you can do with Genesys Cloud and Salesforce via DaVinci.

Top 5 Things You Can Do

1. Deploy in Minutes

Enabling with DaVinci Integration for Genesys Purecloud & Salesforce in your  is quick and straightforward. Using the Cloud Administrative Portal, you can configure the essential elements of your contact center, such as users, telephony, and channel settings. Basic call scenarios like screen pop and softphone control can be set up within Salesforce in under 30 minutes. As your needs evolve, more advanced use cases can be easily enabled with minimal time investment. Say goodbye to lengthy contact center projects – now, features can be swiftly implemented and rolled out to agents and agent groups as needed.

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The next step is to create your DaVinci profile through Creators Studio (studio.contactcanvas.com) and select the Genesys Cloud and Salesforce Apps.

DaVinci Integration for Genesys Cloud & Salesforce

The final step is to configure the DaVinci Agent URL within Salesforce Call Center configuration. Once configured, launch Salesforce and you’re ready to take your first call.

2. Dramatically Improve Customer Service with DaVinci Integration for Genesys Purecloud & Salesforce

By seamlessly connecting your Purecloud and Salesforce systems, you can expect significant improvements in customer service. The integration of CTI and CRM is a powerful combination. Agents will have a user-friendly toolbar within a unified interface, streamlining interactions with customers. When calls, SMS, or chats are routed to agents, they will instantly have access to relevant Salesforce records, even before answering. Any information provided by the customer through an IVR will be displayed, along with related records. Agents will have full control over their softphone, including call transfers, hold and retrieve, and advanced functions, all without leaving the Salesforce application.

Setting yourself ready or providing reason codes for when agents take lunch or break are all readily available with a few clicks. Making outbound calls is even easier.

Agents or knowledge workers can easily contact any contact record or call list in Salesforce with a single click, known as click-to-dial.

With DaVinci, you have the option of click-to-dial or even click-to-message, like SMS. Overall the integration can dramatically improve your customer service.

3. Automatically track activities in CRM

A critical feature of the DaVinci App for Salesforce and Genesys Cloud is the ability to automatically track agent and customer activity within Salesforce. Tracking and reporting of agent and channel metrics, typically required combining data from several systems and significant manual record keeping, but with DaVinci, reporting and tracking happens automatically.

Agents actions, like being on an interaction, placing calls on hold, performing tasks after a call has ended, etc. are all automatically tracked. Customer interaction data, including chat transcripts, are all associated with their contact record and any related records like new cases that are created. Because all the data collected by DaVinci is centrally stored in Salesforce, businesses can leverage the full reporting capabilities Salesforce provides, through standard reports and dashboards.

Agent metrics can be easily compared, and customer data is seamlessly combined with interaction records. All this tracking is done without any manual efforts by the agent, dramatically improving the quality of your customer service performance data.


5 Things with DaVinci Integration for Genesys Cloud & Salesforce

4. Leverage the full capabilities of PureCloud

Genesys Cloud is a powerful cloud-based CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) solution, and DaVinci integrates the full capabilities into Salesforce and other CRMs. With Genesys Cloud, customers have the ability to handle voice, SMS, chat, and social messaging. Interactions can be routed through their powerful routing engine. Genesys Cloud offers extended functionality like workforce engagement management, bots, and even co-browsing and screen sharing. With DaVinci, businesses can leverage all these capabilities. As customers interact with voicebots or chatbots, the interaction data is sent to the agent so they can see what the customer had previous done. Agents can handle voice, SMS, social, and chat all through the DaVinci Agent fully integrated within Salesforce.

5. Get the most from your CRM

Salesforce, being a broad CRM platform, offers a wide range of functionalities catering to marketing, sales, service, financial services, and other industry-specific needs. Within each module, Salesforce provides powerful capabilities such as Omni-Channel, intelligent routing of business records like cases and leads, advanced AI with Einstein, and features like Workflow and Lightning. Businesses that invest in Salesforce strive to maximize their return on investment, and this is where DaVinci comes into play. With DaVinci Integration for Genesys Cloud & Salesforce, customers can harness these capabilities to their fullest potential.

DaVinci seamlessly integrates with Salesforce’s Einstein and LiveAgent, enabling agents to launch flows that can guide customers through processes like knowledge base searches or case creation. Additionally, DaVinci allows the combination of Genesys Cloud routing with Omni-Channel routing, expanding agent capabilities beyond voice, SMS, and chat to encompass handling business objects such as cases and leads as time permits. The activities performed by agents are all stored centrally in Salesforce, facilitating easy reporting and analysis.

Moreover, with DaVinci’s OpenCTI support, businesses can integrate across Salesforce modules like Sales, Service, Marketing, Financial Services, and more.


This comprehensive integration ensures a seamless and cohesive experience across different areas of the organization, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

DaVinci Integration for Genesys Purecloud & Salesforce– A Powerful Combination

I covered the top 5 things you can do with the integration of Salesforce and Genesys Cloud through DaVinci, which only scratches the surface of everything businesses can do. With this combination, businesses can find the right agent at the right time, to provide the best customer service experience across a wide range of use cases. Contact us if you want to learn more about how AMC can help you improve your interactions.

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