4 Tips for Lasting Customer Relationships

customer relationships

When looking to improve your business’ relationships with customers, it is important to evaluate your customer service practices. Knowing and understanding what a customer views as great customer service is crucial to bettering your business’ direct interactions with customers. Great customer relationships involves getting to know your customers so well that you can anticipate their needs, deliver results and exceed their expectations. So here are 4 tips that will help you create customer relationships that will last!

  • Communicate. Ensuring that agents are relaying the correct information is critical when trying to build a relationship with your customers. Whether being asked for information or a resolution to a problem, agents need to be equipped with the right tools that enable them to communicate effectively with the client. Always make communication as seamless as possible, by making sure your different channels are organized and in sync, such as having the first agent’s call notes transfer quickly to the customers desired department so the next agent can better assist them. This smooth transition can help reduce customer frustration and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Personalize. Today’s customers want to feel appreciated so your agent’s ability to navigate your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is essential. The CRM holds valuable information about your customers such as their name, past buying history and call history. It is the agent’s job to identify important aspects of a customer’s personal information from their screen pop to personalize the call and improve the customer’s experience.
  • Be Consistent. More often than not, customers calling in to a contact center want to solve some sort of issue. Some could be angry, ask hard questions, or be overly talkative — it is important that your call center agents know to help these particular customers and provide the same level of service to make for overall customer satisfaction.
  • Ask For Feedback. Don’t forget to conduct surveys and ask your customers want they think. Through customer feedback you can receive valuable insight about your business. By actively consulting with your customers you can address problems or gain ideas and feedback on what aspects of your company are in need of improvement. In addition, telling your customers that their comments have influenced changes will make them feel like your company truly cares about what they think.
    • Although it is never pleasant to hear negative feedback about your business, it can be helpful to use this information to advantage. Understand where your reviewers are coming from and use what they have to say as way to better your business/customer service.

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