Providing Insights


Gather Insights data across the CX landscape

Since DaVinci™ is at the heart of customer engagement and interaction orchestration, it gathers data, insights, and statistics across all interaction channels, applications, platforms, and tools. This data can be compiled and sent to a data warehouse or modeling tool that helps drive decisions based on accurate data.

Gather CX Insights

Great CX Leaders Utilize Constellations for:

Agent Insights

Empower managers with accurate insights to optimize agent performance, by tracking KPIs like call and hold times, which can be utilized for training and reporting.

Customer Insights

Capture and analyze valuable customer data, including call outcomes and sentiment, to generate comprehensive reports and trigger workflows based on accurate data.

Data Driven Decisions

By removing reliance on manual data entry or disjointed systems, DaVinci helps your managers gather an accurate, comprehensive picture of their organization to implement targeted strategies for improvements.

DaVinci / Interaction Orchestration Platform

A Full Interaction Orchestration Platform

Organizations utilize DaVinci to integrate existing endpoints that run their contact center to unlock typical CTI features, like screen pop, click-to-dial, and call logging. However, DaVinci is a full platform that can be utilized anywhere customer engagement happens (contact centers, brick-and-mortar, field service, self-service, etc.).

Beyond integrating endpoints, utilize DaVinci’s low-code model to create solutions that address your specific challenges, like automating processes, creating customized human interactions, tracking customer journeys, and more. A future-proof platform that is flexible enough to support every step of transformation.

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