Proactive Customer Experience


Create customized human interactions

Sentience is a DaVinci-powered service that provides insights and awareness of your customers that can be used to identify and monitor actions, locations, and intentions that can trigger workflows within your tech stack to provide proactive customer service interactions.

Proactive Customer Experience, Sentience

Great CX Leaders use Sentience for:

Sentiment Detection

Utilize AI to analyze customer interactions and phone calls to trigger next-best actions for your agents, enhancing their ability to provide proactive customer experiences and better care.

Geo-Location Tracking

Trigger workflows based on customer’s location, like greeting them as they arrive to a brick-and-mortar location or offering self-help guides dependent on where they are.

Context Tracking

With access to contextual data, agents can avoid repetitive customer questions and even meet them with proactive care based on a centralized database of information.

DaVinci / Interaction Orchestration Platform

A Full Interaction Orchestration Platform

Organizations utilize DaVinci to integrate existing endpoints that run their contact center to unlock typical CTI features, like screen pop, click-to-dial, and call logging. However, DaVinci is a full platform that can be utilized anywhere customer engagement happens (contact centers, brick-and-mortar, field service, self-service, etc.).

Beyond integrating endpoints, utilize DaVinci’s low-code model to create solutions that address your specific challenges, like automating processes, creating customized human interactions, tracking customer journeys, and more. A future-proof platform that is flexible enough to support every step of transformation.

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