Agent & Customer Assist


Assist agents and customers

DaVinci Omni-Assist is configured to guide and assist agents and customers in services like transcription, next-best actions, automated knowledge bases, IVA, and chatbots. It extends the capabilities of cognitive services and IVAs to work seamlessly together in a single customer engagement scenario.

Assist agents and customers Omni-Assist

Great CX Leaders use Omni-Assist to:


Convert phone calls into written words to assist agents and customers, enabling easy searching, improving employee training, and enhancing accessibility for hearing-impaired customers.

Assist Customers

Give customers the information they need with next-best triggers based on their actions and set-up interactive knowledge bases for guided self-help.

Assist Agents

Empower your agents with timely and automated information delivery. Enable automated knowledge databases and next-best actions to seamlessly provide the necessary data and resources when needed.

DaVinci / Interaction Orchestration Platform

A Full Interaction Orchestration Platform

Organizations utilize DaVinci to integrate existing endpoints that run their contact center to unlock typical CTI features, like screen pop, click-to-dial, and call logging. However, DaVinci is a full platform that can be utilized anywhere customer engagement happens (contact centers, brick-and-mortar, field service, self-service, etc.).

Beyond integrating endpoints, utilize DaVinci’s low-code model to create solutions that address your specific challenges, like automating processes, creating customized human interactions, tracking customer journeys, and more. A future-proof platform that is flexible enough to support every step of transformation.

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