Identity & Access Management

IAM is a framework of business processes, policies, and technologies that facilitates the management of electronic or digital identities. With IAM, organizations can control user access to critical information within their systems. 

Identity & Access Management
Identity & Access Management

User Management

Manage users across multiple apps & integrations for easier onboarding and offboarding.

Profile Management

Organize users into functional areas and give customized configurations, including the ability to have multiple profiles for various work purposes.

Identity & Access Management
Identity & Access Management


Utilize SSO, widely adopted IAM solutions (OKTA, Azure Active Directory, etc.) for identity management or REST APIs to manage configurations.

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IAM typically involves user authentication, authorization, and management of user identities. It includes processes for onboarding, offboarding, and role-based access control.

IAM helps prevent unauthorized access by implementing strong authentication measures, enforcing least privilege access, and monitoring and auditing user activities.

Yes, users can have multiple profiles in DaVinci for different lines of business or varying work priorities throughout the day, providing flexibility and customization to their user experience.

DaVinci’s SSO enhances security by streamlining user authentication, reducing the need for multiple sets of credentials, and ensuring that users are authenticated for all applications they have been granted access.

DaVinci’s Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) implementation enhances the real-time responsiveness of our contact center by efficiently processing events. With the support of DaVinci, we can quickly and effectively address customer needs and events, ensuring a prompt and tailored response within the contact center.

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