Event Driven Architecture

Event-driven architecture focuses on the production, detection, consumption, and reaction to events. It is particularly useful for real-time data processing and analytics. This is helpful in providing proactive customer care for customers that is triggered on events in CRM and increasing the scalability and extensibility to the applications.

Real-Time Responsiveness - Event Driven Architecture

Real-Time Responsiveness

Use events to trigger and communicate the contextual state and data between decoupled services to provide better proactive customer service.

Decoupled Services

Take advantage of a platform that is scalable, resilient and extensible because it decouples producers and consumers of events.

Event-Driven-Architecture-2 decoupled
Event-Driven broker

Streamlined Data Flow

Ensure consistency among apps with a reliable event broker to handle high volume and velocity of events and configure consumer apps as a chained workflow.

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Event Driven Architecture contributes to scalability and extensibility by decoupling producers and consumers of events. This allows for a more flexible and adaptable system architecture that can easily accommodate changes and growth.

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The facilitated flow, supported by a reliable event broker, manages events’ high volume and velocity, ensuring a synchronized and reliable data flow across the entire system.

Decoupled Services, facilitated by DaVinci’s Event-Driven Architecture, enhance the scalability and resilience of your contact center by allowing independent scaling of services, isolating faults to prevent system-wide failures, and providing flexibility to adapt to changing workloads.

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