Twilio integration with Epic EHR & DaVinci

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Integrate Data From Multiple Applications

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Integration Between Epic & Twilio

DaVinci for Epic EHR and Twilio improves the agent and customer experience by supporting standard features, like screen-pop, click-to-dial, and tracking of call activities, and thorough low code/no code approach for custom use cases. DaVinci helps your contact center agents be more engaged and productive, which improves the overall customer experience.

Data Synchronization:
Ensure that customer data is synchronized between Epic and Twilio. This ensures that both systems have up-to-date and accurate information about customers.

Unified Customer View:
Create a unified patient view by integrating customer data from both platforms. This allows healthcare staff to have a complete understanding of patient interactions and history across both systems.

Communication Integration:
Integrate communication channels such as phone calls, emails, and chat between Epic and Twilio. This helps in providing a seamless patient and provider experience, and ensures that all communications are logged and tracked.

Workflow Automation:
Automate business processes and workflows that involve both Epic and Cisco. For example, when a customer service representative updates information in one system, it triggers automated actions in the other system.

Reporting and Analytics:
Create consolidated reports and analytics that span both platforms. This allows businesses to gain insights into customer interactions, performance metrics, and overall customer satisfaction.

Training and Support:
Provide training and support for users who will be interacting with both systems. This includes educating them on how to navigate seamlessly between Epic and Twilio.

How DaVinci Steps In

DaVinci enhances Epic and Twilio by integrating communication channels seamlessly into the EHR interface, streamlining interactions across voice calls, emails, and chat. It aims to create a unified view by synchronizing patient data and providing healthcare providers with a comprehensive understanding of interactions.

DaVinci also offers tools for multichannel interaction management, enabling efficient routing and prioritization of customer inquiries. Through workflow automation, it helps optimize processes within the EHR, automating repetitive tasks and triggering actions based on specific events. Additionally, DaVinci contributes to improved reporting and analytics, offering insights into communication patterns and overall performance.

“DaVinci has saved us so much time from an efficiency standpoint, and hard dollars as well, going to four to five systems to authenticate the customers. Now, all of this information comes in from a screen pop.”

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AMC Technology's DaVinci Screen Pop
Connie Romay
Senior VP of Retail Innovation and Management, Ameris Bank

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DaVinci Datasheets

Find out how AMC Technology & Twilio work together in this downloadable guide.

DaVinci Datasheets

Find out how AMC Technology & Epic work together in this downloadable guide.