Enterprise Application Framework

Enterprise Application Framework DaVinci’s comprehensive tech stack provides a platform, library of pre-built applications to leading customer experience applications, and the ability for organizations to build their own custom applications. Organizations can build apps with their engineers to solve specific challenges or utilize Microsoft’s Low Code No Code Power Platform.

Enterprise Application Framework

Pre-Built Apps

Integrate leading contact center applications with out-of-the-box DaVinci apps for most major CCaaS, telephony, and CRM systems. 

Low Code/No Code

Drag-and-drop to deploy custom apps and user interfaces or trigger workflows through Microsoft’s low code/ no code platform with power apps & power automate.

Low Code/No Code
custom apps

Custom Apps

Build DaVinci apps to accommodate custom use cases that can share data and events with other DaVinci apps and generate data for analytics and AI training.

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DaVinci Apps are designed for scalability, allowing organizations to adapt to changing requirements by adding resources as needed. Additionally, DaVinci ensures seamless integration with existing contact center infrastructure, including databases, CRM platforms, and telephony systems.

Custom DaVinci Apps generate valuable data that can be used for analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) training. The data generated by these applications can provide insights into contact center operations, customer interactions, and other relevant metrics, enhancing the overall intelligence of the system.

You can find success stories from various industries, such as finance, healthcare, and retail, here. Explore the blog to discover specific details about how organizations in these industries have leveraged DaVinci’s pre-built applications for positive outcomes in their contact center operations.

Streamlining Customer Identity Verification Across Agents and Departments

DaVinci Apps are built to scale, providing flexibility and adaptability as your contact center operations expand. This scalability ensures that the applications continue to meet the evolving needs of your organization.

Yes, DaVinci’s integration with Microsoft’s Low Code No Code Power Platform is user-friendly and accessible to both technical and non-technical users. This empowers a broader range of individuals within the organization to contribute to application development and workflow automation.

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