Data Management

Day 1 Data Protection

Protect data infrastructure as all data access and processing is contained within the user’s browser and stays in your business applications. 

Unified Data Access

Consolidate and share business and technical data like customer information and events with DaVinci apps.

Interaction Data for Analytics & AI

Train AI models with interaction data processed by DaVinci within your business applications for AI like predictive & sentiment analysis, chatbots, etc. 


CX Leaders

Benefits for CX Leaders

· Efficient handling time
· Reduced churn
· Increased personalization

IT Admins

Benefits for IT Leaders

· Less infrastructure maintenance
· Straightforward configuration
· Reduced operating costs

Sales Leaders

Benefits for Sales Leaders

· Increased speed to lead
· See actionable data from logs
· More effective interactions

Solution Architects

Benefits for Solution Architects

· Customize apps for adaptability
· Securely integrate systems
· Real-time data processing & analytics

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