RICHMOND, Va. [Jan 19, 2021] – AMC Technology, a leading contact center integration provider, is pleased to welcome Nextrove into the DaVinci Partner Program as a Build Partner.

“We’re so excited to have powered Nextrove, LLC Progressive MICC with AMC Technology’s DaVinci platform. The combined capabilities will offer an exceptional experience for users and their clients” said Anthony Uliano, Founder and CTO of AMC Technology.

DaVinci Build Partners incorporate and extend the DaVinci iPaaS to add contact center channels and integrations to their solutions. The Progressive MICC product team at Nextrove took advantage of DaVinci’s open architecture to build their solution and power agent call controls within Salesforce.

Nextrove’s Progressive MICC is the only Medical Information Contact Center solution designed especially for Clinical Research Organizations. The system is fully GDPR and PII compliant, as the source of truth for every data item resides on the Salesforce cloud. Data items can include call records, voice recordings, outgoing & incoming emails, source documents, literature references, and other essential items.

Nextrove’s Progressive Medical Information Contact Center (MICC) powered by DaVinci voice channel integration brings critical direct assistance to patients with questions about their drugs and medical equipment and devices. It enables pharmaceutical and clinical research to capture and report on drug adverse reactions.

“Integration with DaVinci was a breeze and flawless. Based upon our customer feedback our team is confident in our partnership with AMC,” Ravinder Verma, Product Lead, Nextrove.

“As a pharmacist with call center experience, the value of the Davinci integration with our Progressive MICC platform is quite significant. Traditional anonymous ACD has been replaced with intelligent and identifiable caller data that is automatically cross-referenced to known customer data on the first ring. This allows CRO organizations serving multiple clients to efficiently identify company, product, and customer details in multi-tenant environments,” Paul A. Reed, Pharm.D., Senior Client Partner, Nextrove.

About AMC Technology:

AMC Technology is a leader in the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) world, bringing people together through great interactions since 1995. We improve interactions between agents, customers, businesses, and communities through our flagship product, DaVinci™, the industry’s first and only iPaaS made specifically for contact centers that offer unlimited omni-channel integrations for cloud, premise, or hybrid environments. DaVinci integrates best-of-breed CRMs and CSMs with communication channels enabling contact centers to deliver superior levels of customer service and boost productivity, now and in the future.

About Nextrove:
Nextrove ( is a premier global life sciences system integrator providing consulting and software solutions around Pharmacovigilance, Clinical, Hosting, QMS, Regulatory, and Commercialization.  Nextrove’s preeminent and innovative solutions include the Progressive Platform (MICC, Compliance, and Convey) powered by Progressive Fusion AI.  With Corporate Headquarters located in Princeton, New Jersey, and offices in the US, Japan, Europe, Canada, and India, Nextrove’s multi-lingual team serves a global clientele 24/7/365. Our resume of over 30 top leading pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research organizations clients speak to our commitment to quality, consistency, timelines, and cost-effectiveness.