The ability for integration with any communication channel makes the organization’s latest offering unique to the industry

RICHMOND, Va. [March 30, 2021]

AMC Technology announces the launch of DaVinci Workspace, a new solution offering that gives organizations the ability to create their ideal contact center using integrated workflows to increase contact resolution within a single pane of glass agent experience.

“We’re excited to launch DaVinci Workspace to bring the most essential business workflows and best-of-the-breed channels into a single user interface for the first time,” said Praveen Ravela, Director of Development, AMC Technology. “We’re giving the power back to the organization by providing a solution that goes across any communication channel.”

The solution was created to solve complex contact center challenges for two targeted groups facing similar challenges. First, small to medium businesses utilize in-house built applications and still need out-of-the-box integration. Secondly, enterprise organizations that need to pull data from multiple channels or want to create specific workflows, while still providing a single user interface.

Other benefits of DaVinci Workspace include allowing users to integrate the applications contact centers are already using and in-house built applications, providing the ability to define business workflows for an ideal agent experience, and adding cloud-channels like SMS, chat, etc. when they want.

“DaVinci Workspace is another solution we created to solve customers’ complex challenges by giving them a solution that fits their business without having to rely on costly professional service development projects or waiting on a company’s roadmap,” said Ravela.

About AMC Technology
AMC Technology is a leader in the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) world, bringing people together through great interactions since 1995. We improve interactions between agents, customers, businesses, and communities through our flagship product, DaVinci™, the industry’s first and only iPaaS made specifically for contact centers that offer unlimited omnichannel integrations for cloud, premise, or hybrid environments. DaVinci integrates best-of-breed CRMs and CSMs with communication channels enabling contact centers to deliver superior levels of customer service and boost productivity, now and in the future.