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Communication enable your CRM with Contact Canvas™ which improves the customer experience and the efficiency of your call center.


Leading certified, out of the box Integration for CTI and CRM

AMC Technology is a global leader in contact center and CRM integration with 20 years of experience. AMC powers contact centers and customer interactions for companies around the globe through certified products and unparalleled expertise. AMC’s Contact Canvas™ product suite allows customers to integrate CRM and communication platforms, including CTI, across the enterprise, for call center agents and knowledge workers.


AMC Technology’s CONTACT CANVAS™ is connecting agents, knowledge workers and sales teams with innovative technology solutions to improve business technology.

The Power Is In the Platform

Leverage your existing infrastructure and enable a better customer experience.

Hear how Thomson Reuters and DeVry Education Group leveraged Contact Canvas™ to improve efficiency of their contact centers.

Certified, Out-of-the-box Integration

Contact Canvas™ has certified integration for the leading CTI systems and CRM applications.

Latest News

Keep Those CTI Requirements Simple!

Most IT professionals have been on a project at one point in their career where the scope creep is infinite and seems unmanageable. Business partners can be demanding in their requirements to make their organization highly productive, improve accuracy and automate common agent functions. But, like with any project, keeping day one requirements simple or… Read more →


Google Analytics, Omni Channel and Presence – which solution comes out on top?

Summer’s end draws near and college students are returning to campus to continue in their pursuit of higher education.  As a result, our summer internships are also concluding – but first, one last hackathon demo and an internship showcase to demonstrate the innovation and endless possibilities available through Agent Palette. In the 4th sprint, integration… Read more →


Build vs. Buy – CRM and CTI Integration

When the need for a business solution arises, the old age question has remained: should it be custom built or should an out of the box solution be purchased? While it may seem simple, determining the right solution approach is a complex process that may need the input of several organizational leaders based upon their… Read more →

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Thinking like a Customer – Behind the Software.

              Throughout the summer we’ve been highlighting our development interns on their sprint projects but behind the scenes we also have three other amazing interns, Freddie, Kate and Teddy Grace, serving in our sales and marketing departments. In sales, Freddie has been completing many tasks dealing with our sales… Read more →